The plenary session urges to adopt preventive measures against gender violence

The corporation approves a maritime-land public domain disaffection and the resolution of allegations for electric gas estations and advertising
The full session urges to adopt preventive measures against gender violence
The full session urges to adopt preventive measures against gender violence

After observing a respectful minute of silence for victims of gender-based violence, the ordinary Plenary of the month of November has begun as well as the reading of the Seventh Transitory Provision of the Spanish constitution.

The Plenary Session of the City Council of Benidorm has unanimously supported the proposals of the Town Planning Councilor, Lourdes Caselles, both for the timely modification of the articles of the General Municipal Plan of Planning, of 1990, and for the procedure of disaffection of the Maritime Terrestrial Public Domain .

The first proposal requested the modification of articles 96 and 121 of the PGMO 1990 that opens the municipal territory to the installation of electrolineras and other stations for the supply of new energy in accordance with the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, as well as the regulation of advertising between medians adapting it to modern systems and vectors. They have attended, explained the councilor, the allegations of Iberdrola and Costas and the resulting urban norm will be published in the Official Gazette of the Province.

The second proposal of the Town Planning Councilor was about the disaffection of ownership due to the demarcation of Costas that has been raised to the plenary, at the proposal of the agency, and the domain indicated in question will have the final consideration of public service.

Then, the Plenary has approved, also unanimously, the proposal of the Board of Spokespersons regarding the prevention of gender violence where the City of Benidorm reaffirms its commitment to prevention and eradication while expressing its concern for errors detected in the system.

The proposal rejects gender violence, urges the Government to comply with the Council of Europe Convention on prevention and fight against violence against women and domestic violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention (2011) and is in force in Europe since August 1, 2014, requiring the effective legislation and a priority and transversal policy in which the City Council is involved with pedagogical and transformative initiatives under the premise of gender perspective training officials and acting in campaigns and actions against the sexual exploitation of women.

Also in the plenary session has been reported the referral to the Department of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility of the authenticated copy of the file regarding the lifting of the suspension of validity of the General Plan of 1990 in the areas of Sierra Cortina, Sierra Heleda and l'Illa of Benidorm, of the personification of the Town Hall in the procedure of the towers of Punta Llisera and of the remission of the certificate of the plenary agreement that urged the Government of Spain to implement an Integral Alzheimer's Plan and the response from the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare of the approval of the Comprehensive Plan for Alzheimer's and other dementias 2019-2023.

The accounting information groups corresponding to the second quarter of 2019 have also been reported.

Motions of the groups

The motions presented by the Socialist and Ciudadanos municipal groups that proposed the implementation of the Morning School program and the reduction of Real Estate Tax have not prospered.

The Municipal Socialist Group proposed, taking into account that the work schedules of the Hospitality and Tourism Services sector are not concordant with the opening hours of the school centers, the implementation in all the Infant and Primary centers of this service prior to the school schedule. The Councilor for Education, Maite Moreno, defended in her response the autonomy of each center when managing its operation and that in the four centers where it already operates, three have applied the initiative at the request of AMPA and in the fourth the management is of the center itself, without having registered in the council more demands for its implementation.

The socialist spokesman Rubén Martínez has insisted on the cost to many families of this service. The Councilor for Education has indicated the support and support of the City Council for the centers and the authorization of the Cooperation Credit line that also contemplates that social purpose. The broad debate raised by the opposition and government approaches was resolved by the mayor, pointing out the municipal impossibility of paying for a system parallel to that of the Department of Education, affecting the existing route and the lack of demand observed in the centers.

Ciudadanos, on the other hand, the reduction of the Property Tax was considered. The argument of the rapporteur has not satisfied even the Socialist group, which has pointed out errors of approach, despite which they have supported the motion. The councilwoman of Treasury, Aida García has indicated that the motion was fully corrected and that it was not feasible. She recalled the commitment of the Popular Party in the campaign and in the presentation of the 2019 Budgets that contemplate the reduction of that and other taxes as soon as the Adjustment Plan is canceled, which has just been reduced by 11'1 million euros.

The debate focused on the opportunity of the announcement and the depreciation action of the amount reported, indicating a disparity of criteria in terms of the years in which the cancellation of the Plan is advanced and the application of the announced tax cuts. The councilor explained that, while the Adjustment Plan is in force, it is unfeasible to apply tax rebates and the mayor closed the debate by referring to the newspaper archives and electoral programs, noting that technically it is impossible, as explained by the Auditor, a performance on the IBI and other taxes without canceling the Adjustment Plan.

In the turn of control and supervision of the governing bodies the spokesmen of the opposition groups have asked that the questions of previous plenary sessions be answered and from Ciudadanos has asked about the accounts of 2018, explaining the Auditor that the General Account is exposed to the public, after having passed through the mandatory informative commissions.

With no further business to discuss, the mayor adjourned the session by calling the events scheduled for the International Day Against Violence Against Women.