More than 5,000 people enjoyed the first day of Benidorm beaches

Toni Pérez highlights that the objective is to offer the best possible beaches and maximum safety in the current situation
More than 5,000 people enjoyed the first day of Benidorm beaches.
More than 5,000 people enjoyed the first day of Benidorm beaches.

Carlos Mazón, visits Benidorm to support and recognize the management of beaches and the involvement of the entire province to achieve the maximum number of Blue Flags

At noon today, the president of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón, has visited Benidorm. The mayor Toni Pérez was waiting for him in Elche Park and together they made a tour around Poniente Beach where they exchanged opinions and information about the beach process and the tourist revival of the province.

Toni Pérez thanked the visit the day after the opening of the beaches to talk about tourism and "being able to transfer the image of a safer destination, with safer beaches and for everyone", transferring the certainty to those who visit us that "they are going to have a place to fully enjoy. " For this, recalled the mayor of Benidorm, "a comprehensive management plan has been drawn up" that modulates all activity depending on how the regulations allow it.

It is, the mayor insisted, a "modular and versatile plan that will restrict limits over time" and that allows "to have the freedom to be respected in your physical distance", taking into account the uniqueness that "Benidorm's beaches are incomparable, neither in demand nor in use"

The objective, said Pérez, is "to convey the certainty that residents and tourists with restrictions can enjoy Benidorm's beach safely and with prepared services."

For his part, Carlos Mazón, stated the "endorsement, recognition and support to Benidorm City Council and its actions to return to beach normality", and highlighted tha duties have been done in the province and that "we are the province with more blue flags in Spain ”and Benidorm shows three of them, on Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas beaches.

Mazón explained that "this summer is going to be very different and will involve some changes" that are necessary to "safety on accessible beaches, blue flags and safe beaches", which will help us "convey a message of confidence to the markets ”, Already thinking of positive developments for the second half of the summer.

Finally, the president of the Provincial Council "thanked the people of Benidorm for the effort to adapt to the new reality."

It was then that the mayor of Benidorm pointed out the balance of the first day of the new reality: “five thousand people on the first day at the beach, a fifth of the total capacity of the designed operation; it is a good initial balance ”.

He recognized that the one in Benidorm is a system "recently implemented and very far from the operation of just a hundred days ago, which have created a desire for a beach". He described the experience as "very good" and noted that "the process will be improved; which will be changing depending on the regulations ”.

He highlighted the important operation "that requires resources." And in this sense he pointed out "60 lifeguards, ushers, footbaths in operation, accessible beaches and regulatory complexity", stressing that Benidorm works "modulating to offer guarantees, hygiene and cleanliness" while reiterating as "positive" the balance of the first day.

When asked by the media, he stressed that "on the beaches there are nearly a thousand hammocks less than three months ago" and that "we will continue to modulate the situation according to demand after analyzing the situation at all times". Benidorm works, said Toni Pérez, "to offer the best possibilities on beaches in a situation like the one we are going through and that we will go through in a process that will attend to improvements"