The mayors wonder, after 40 years of democratic municipalities, what happened to the second decentralization?

Toni Pérez emphasizes that the City Council is the one that is bearing the debt of the State before Europe and asks to begin to give back to the citizens the effort made
Toni Pérez, this morning in the ADDA auditorium.
Toni Pérez, this morning in the ADDA auditorium.

This morning, in the Auditorium of the ADDA, almost all the mayors of the province have gathered to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the constitution of democratic municipalities under the Constitution and Law 39/1978, of 17 of July, of Local Elections.

After the municipal elections held on November 3, the new municipalities were formed on the 19th, the new elected councilors took possession.

At the request of the Diario Información, an act of commemoration has been held where the main base has revolved around the prominence of municipalism embodied in mayors and mayors through two dialogue tables in which ten mayors from small and medium-sized municipalities have participated and a dialogue between the mayors of the two great cities of the province: Alicante and Elche. The president of the Diputación opened the act that the president of the Generalitat has closed.

At the tables, the mayors of Almoradí and Petrel have coincided in their approaches with the mayors of Finestrat, Crevillente, Pinoso and Muchamiel, as the mayors of Benidorm, Torrevieja, Jávea and Alcoy have also done on the second table. And later, the mayors of Alicante and Elche. There is no difference between the problems of large or small municipalities, coastal or inland.

As highlighted by the mayor of Benidorm "day to day is a municipal responsibility: proximity." He has pointed out the deficiencies in financing and the improper competencies assumed, emphasizing that "the municipalities have done their homework very well and now we are cleaning up the state deficit before Europe." Toni Pérez has pointed out as key factors of the current situation, which can penalize Brussels, "the budget stability law, the expenditure rule and the replacement rate of troops."

He said that the force of the municipalities must be channeled through the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces "because he is the one who best knows the reality" and opted to "begin to return to the citizens the effort they have made with a reduction in municipal taxes "

At the institutional level, commemorating the anniversary we celebrated, the mayor of Benidorm claimed the leading role "of those women who arrived at the town halls in 1979". And in that regard, as a climax, Toni Pérez stressed that "the best symbol of change was represented by women in town halls."

Below: First democratic corporation, 1979 and the current one.