Eliana Krist Sotelo and Rodrigo Sebastiá awarded at the VII Sports Gala

The journalist Vicente Fuster received a special mention for his career at the forefront of sports journalism for 40 years
Eliana Krist Sotelo and Rodrigo Sebastiá awarded at the VII Sports Gala.
Eliana Krist Sotelo and Rodrigo Sebastiá awarded at the VII Sports Gala.

The triathlete of the Sport Club Aguaviva Benidorm, Eliana Krist Sotelo Reynoso and the pelotari Rodrigo Sebastia Alonso 'Pere Roc II', were the winners during the seventh Sports Gala of Benidorm as the best individual athletes of the 2017-2018 season, in which were also nominated Jonathan Moreno Bueno (Taekwondo ITF), Javier García Cumplido (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Simón Cardona O'Dwywe (Vela) and Emma Izquierdo Vales (Kick Boxing).

The event held one more year at Palau d'Esports, had a massive influx of public athletes, clubs, family and friends of the winners, also recognizing the trajectory of many athletes in the town in the different base categories and sports disciplines .

The act was inaugurated by the Councilor for Sports, Arturo Cabrillo, with the presence of the mayor of the city Toni Pérez, Senator Agustín Almodóbar and a large representation of members of the municipal corporation.

The acknowledgments to the athletes of the base sport were the following. In the Benjamín category, Eduardo Martín Fernández (Club Kick Boxing Benidorm), Ksenia Makeeva (Rhythmic Gymnastics). In juvenile category Miquel Cano Cano (Swimming) and Anastasia Bolshakova (Rhythmic Gymnastics). In children's category Carlos Rogel Moreno (Swimming), Miguel Bou Bernabeu (Open Water Swimming), Alex Ortiz Soler (Volleyball) and Lucia González Relinque (Club Rhythmic Gymnastics Benidorm).

In the Cadet category, the acknowledgments went to David Yarosh (Club Kick Boxing Benidorm), Martin Mora Castaños (Volleyball and Beach Volleyball), Julián López García (Volleyball and Beach Volleyball), Agustín Calabuig Serrón (Volleyball and Beach Volleyball), Juan Francisco González Segura (Voley-Beach), Samuel Arredondo Prados (ITF Taekwondo), Francisco José López Asensio (Taekwondo ITF), Fernando Sanabria Santamaría (Taekwondo ITF), Mariano Cebrián Verdú (Sailing) and María Climent Tonda (Swimming).

In the Youth category, the recognition went to José Luis Calvo Segura (Municipal School of Pilota), Miguel Marín López (Athletics), Patricia Madaleno Alonso (Beach Volleyball), Henar Martínez González (Beach Volleyball), Paula Rodrigo Coleto (Adapted Swimming).

The winners in the Junior category were Lucía Serralta Ferrer (Club Naútico Villajoyosa) and Kira Dalua Mostafa (Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Benidorm), who this month joins the Spanish Junior Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics Team.

Finally, in the Master category, the winners were Diego Cortés Llorca (Club Natación Benidorm), Miguel Fuster Martínez (Rallyes) and Emma Segovia Leza (Nautical Ski).

As for the adapted sport, the swimming team of Centro Doble Amor was also awarded, consisting of Lorenzo López Gómez, Nazario López Blanco, Roberto Serrano Gómez and Borja López Murillo, as well as José Barroso Mayor in Adapted Soccer.

As it is also traditional, the work of local technicians Javier Ortiz Fernández (Soccer), Rafael González Campos (Volleyball), Frank Alós Martínez (Beach Volleyball), Rafael Madaleno Montalvo (Beach Volleyball) and Raúl Gómez Cambronero (Basketball) were also recognized.

In the section of clubs, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Benidorm, Club Naútico Benidorm, Benidorm Basketball Club, Pilota Municipal School, Benidorm Pilota Club, Benidorm Beaches Volleyball Club, CF Atlético Ciudad Benidorm, SFFCV Benidorm Fútbol Base were awarded for their sporting achievements. , Benidorm Beach Volleyball Club, Benidorm Handball Club, Calvari Benidorm CF, Foietes CF, Double Love Center, Palau Benidorm Padel, Aguaviva CD and the UCB Elite Bikes Team.

The gala also had an emotional moment with the delivery of special mentions for different reasons. For its 40th anniversary and collaboration with the sport at the Horizontes Scout Group, for its promotion and support to the charity sport of the Brotons Eventos Group, for its social and solidary work to Manuel Rufete Durán, Oscar David Bellón, Juan Francisco Lozano Gomáriz and José Carlos Rogelio Juan.

Coca-Cola European Partners was awarded as the most outstanding business entity for its support and promotion of sport, as the most outstanding local company in its support for the sport of Benidorm, the award was for Servigroup and Visit Benidorm was awarded for its promotion work in Benidorm as a sporting destination. The following sports federations were also recognized for their confidence in the organization of events: Royal Spanish Federation of Karate, Autonomic Federation of Karate, Football Federation of the Valencian Community and Spanish Federation of Sports Dance.

Lastly and as a surprise to the winners, Jorge García Cano was recognized for his work and promotion of Beach Soccer, Rubén Ballester Zamora for his sports career in the Benidorm Basketball Club and the sports journalist Vicente Fuster Fuster, for his professional career 40 years in charge of the diffusion of sport in the city.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, put the finishing touches to the VII Sports Gala congratulating the winners for their recognition and effort during the season, and especially praised the work of the winners for their dedication and teaching in the sport throughout his life. He also wanted to value the sports facilities, marking as challenges "the sport of integration, where everyone can set in our city to come to play sports, especially those who have a functional diversity or complexity in their day to day and also in equality, since talent does not have gender and sports either ".