Benidorm, in March 2021, will host the fourth Digital Tourist

The 2020 edition confirms the resilience of smart destinations and the ability to generate projects and management
Benidorm, in March 2021, will host the fourth Digital Tourist.
Benidorm, in March 2021, will host the fourth Digital Tourist.

Detecting, recognizing and mobilizing talent, knowing the markets and working on the data analysis and process are the axes for the future to overcome the situation

Emphasizing the Benidorm-AMETIC spirit of union to reinforce the benchmark meeting of the technology industry and its support for smart tourism, the third edition of Digital Tourist has been closed, with 12 discussion tables, a round table of analysis, the session of the Plenary of the DTI Network and the delivery of the Digital Tourist Awards.

At the closing, the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, highlighted "the courage, strength and proximity of the technology sector" by celebrating this meeting linked to tourism and smart tourist destinations. Pérez congratulated the organization and thanked the speakers for their participation “developing knowledge”, the participants “their loyalty” and the sponsors “their support”.

The third edition, highlighted Toni Pérez, “has had a multiplying effect of the message” generated in Benidorm at the discussion tables thanks to the mixed, face-to-face and telematic formula, which the pandemic has made adopt and has allowed, via streaming, to reach the thousand of participants to add to the long hundred of in-person attendees.

The mayor of Benidorm recalled that Tourism "is an industry that creates and exports brands and does not relocate." Pérez insisted on the importance of normalization, considering it "fundamental, despite the effort it demands of us" and celebrated "the commitment to Ibero-America in Smart Tourism" that has been made in this meeting, a task in which Benidorm collaborates with Segittur.

Finally, the mayor pointed out "the importance of the Tourism and Technology binomial", highlighting society "as a driver of public initiative" and pointing to "the need to configure a tourism EDUSI that streamlines actions between territories and administrations, seeking to optimize application of the funds that will reach us ”.

Because, as the president of Segittur Enrique Martínez Marín pointed out, “we are in the period of history where more funds for action will be available, in the shortest possible time”.

Martínez Marín highlighted “the need to generate public value” with actions “to improve people's visions”, encouraging them to act to “detect, recognize and mobilize talent”, recalling that “things are done from the public opinion that nobody else can do and therefore they have to do well ”.

In the closing ceremony, describing Benidorm as "the lighthouse that projects light in the fog that the pandemic has engulfed us," the president of Smart Cities of AMETIC announced the next Digital Tourist edition for March 2021, with Benidorm once again being the host of the reference meeting between the technology sector and Tourism, as highlighted by Pedro Mier, president of AMETIC.

It will also be within the fourth Digital Tourist when the next plenary session of the DTI Network is held, on which the president of Segittur, Martínez Marín, highlighted the momentum achieved, which now adds 119 destinations, 24 institutions and 36 companies, with another 25 pending of income "to continue providing solutions that achieve complete diagnoses and act predictively" which is the objective set by the next Digital Tourist edition.