Benidorm assumes the home telecare service, which will be free for users

Social Welfare approves the operating regulations of the service, which will be provided by the Red Cross
Benidorm assumes the home telecare service, which will be free for users.
Benidorm assumes the home telecare service, which will be free for users.

Benidorm City Council has assumed the home telecare service, which will be provided indirectly by the Red Cross, as reported today by the Councilor for Social Welfare, Angela Llorca, who stressed that it "will begin to operate shortly and it will be free for users, all of them people registered in the city ”.

Llorca recalled that "the purpose of this service is to promote a better quality of life for the beneficiaries who are in a situation of vulnerability, either because of their age, because they live in a situation of social isolation or because they have a disability or health problem. health, enhancing their autonomy and making it easier for them to reside at home for as long as possible ”. Through this service, “they are offered specialized support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of any emergency situation, but also loneliness or isolation, two situations that have increased significantly as a result of the pandemic".

The councillor of Social Welfare has explained that “to regulate the service, a regulation has been drawn up in which the operation of telecare is established, as well as the requirements that beneficiaries must meet, how and where to carry out the application process, etc. ”. This regulation, which has already passed through the Information Commission, will be approved in the next plenary session.

Based on the service contract signed by the City Council with the Red Cross, users will be provided with “a terminal with which in case of emergency or need they will quickly and directly contact the entity's personnel, who will act diligently in accordance with each situation". Thus, key custody and mobile unit services are included that allow the team of authorized professionals to access the home in the event of a fall or emergency, speeding up care and minimizing possible damage.

Llorca has clarified that "this home telecare service is compatible with others that are provided from the Department itself such as the Home Care Program, 'Menjar a Casa' or 'Major a Casa', as well as with other public and private resources that allow the beneficiary to continue in their usual environment.

Broadly speaking, those people registered in Benidorm who are in a situation of risk and vulnerability, over 70 years of age or who are 18 and have a recognized disability or total disability or severe disability, can request telecare. Applicants must live alone or in the company of people of similar age or characteristics. Regarding economic criteria, the gross annual income of the person or living unit must not exceed 2.5 times the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM).

The application form may be obtained shortly at the municipal centers answered to the Department of Social Welfare or on the City Council website:

The City Council will pay the Red Cross annually 10,800 euros for the provision of the service, which is planned for 50 users.