Aenor certifies that Benidorm's urban buses comply with the protocol against Covid

The central stop returns to Esperanto and in the coming weeks lines will be reordered to make transport "more effective and efficient"
Aenor certifies that Benidorm's urban buses comply with the protocol against Covid.
Aenor certifies that Benidorm's urban buses comply with the protocol against Covid.

The urban buses in Benidorm comply with the protocols of action against the Covid-19, as certified by Aenor and have been transferred today by the Councilor for Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, and the Head of Operations at Llorente Bus-Avanza, José Moreno. This certification, the "most demanding" of all those that operate at the national level, confirms that the corresponding protocols have been "established so that the facilities and services" of urban transport meet "all sanitary standards", meet "the appropriate safety conditions ”And users and workers are protected.

Complying with these guidelines "goes through a reinforcement of all cleaning processes" and the implementation of prevention measures, as detailed by Moreno. Specifically, "special disinfection of buses and facilities" is carried out daily, including the driving positions of each vehicle; and “protective screens” have been installed for workers and “gel dispensers for customers”. In addition, as the Mobility councilor recalled, since mid-April the City Council has provided masks "so that all urban transport users" have this protection system, the use of which is now mandatory.

The head of Operations of the company has highlighted that "Avanza has been the first company in the sector, along with another, to achieve this certification"; And he added that once obtained, users "can have complete confidence to use Benidorm's public transport in adequate security conditions."

The Councilor for Mobility, for his part, thanked "the work done" by the concessionaire during and after the confinement so that "we have a safe public bus in Benidorm", and made "an appeal" to the citizens to use this transportation on the go.

Reconfiguration of bus lines awaiting the Regional Government

De Zárate has announced that in the next few changes will be made "in the bus lines" with the aim of "having a more effective and efficient urban transport", with shorter and more direct routes that favor its use mainly among residents who they move to their places of work. The councillor has assured that "this reconfiguration is going to give a jump in quality" to the service, while increasing "the number of users."

However, De Zárate has stressed that the definitive solution for public transport is that, for the new concession, the Ministry attends to the proposal transferred by the City Council to configure “an inter-Cuban transport model” for Benidorm and the towns of the region, in which the municipalities can also decide on the design of the routes and the location of the stops. The councillor has indicated that it is waiting for the Ministry to set a date for a new technical meeting requested by the City Council.

The main stop of the City Center returns to Esperanto

Waiting to finalize the new configuration of part of the lines, to be announced shortly, De Zárate has advanced that "starting tomorrow, Friday, and after various changes in location due to the remodeling works on Avenida del Mediterráneo "The main stop in the downtown area will return to its original location on Calle Esperanto, in front of the Madeira hotel."

It has also been advanced that next week a ticket sales machine will be installed in the Tourist Office of El Torrejó to facilitate the purchase for beach users.