Benidorm will allocate 700,000 euros until the end of the year for repairs on public roads

Among the performances is the creation of two roundabouts at the junctions of Severo Ochoa with Almirall Bernat de Sarriá and Comunidad Valenciana Avenues
Image of the meeting held on August 8 with the Huerta Neighborhood Association.
Image of the meeting held on August 8 with the Huerta Neighborhood Association.

There are also accessibility and maintenance works requested by residents in all neighborhoods

The City Council will allocate 700,000 euros for repairs on the streets of Benidorm until the end of the year, through the Maintenance and Improvement of the public road contract, which will be tendered in the coming weeks. This was advanced today by the Councilor for Universal Accessibility and Public Space, José Ramón González de Zárate, who said that the contract includes "14 actions that reach all areas of the city" and that mostly respond to “the requests that residents transfer to us” during the meetings that are held weekly in a different neighborhood of the city.

Among the actions included in the contract is the execution of “two roundabouts at the junctions of Doctor Severo Ochoa Avenue with Almirall Bernat d'En Sarrià and with Comunidad Valenciana Avenue”, which “will significantly improve traffic in Rincón de Loix and the Huerta area ”.

In addition, it will also act "on all the stairs" that connect the upper part of La Cala with Tamarindos, where the general repair includes the installation of railings and lighting. For this question, De Zárate has indicated that "it is difficult to achieve universal accessibility in this area because of the important slope that exists."

The contract also provides for the maintenance of sidewalks and the improvement of accessibility in the streets of Rincón de Loix delimited by Almirall Bernat d'En Sarrià, Severo Ochoa, Nápoles and Gerona-Derramador streets and Sierra Helada hillside. This same performance will also reach the triangle between Alfonso Puchades Avenue, Primavera Street and Emilio Ortuño. In all these streets, lugs will be made to gain accessibility and the damaged sidewalks will be repaired, even widening the narrowest ones.

With regard to the Old Town, we want to “implement in the largest possible number of streets the single platform model and total accessibility” of the main street. In principle, it is planned to act in Quatre Cantons, Alicante and Santa Faz streets, although it is not ruled out to do so in some more.

In the downtown area, we will proceed to modify the sign of the junction of SSMM Reyes de España Square with l'Aigüera Avenue, which will become “cobblestone imitation asphalt” to avoid deterioration and save in repairs. In addition, the pavement and drainage of SSMM Reyes de España Square will be improved. Also, it is going to be acted on the sidewalk of Ramos Carratalá closest to Los Almendros Avenue and on Apolo XI and San Juan Bautista streets.

De Zárate also highlighted “the creation of an access ramp to Levante beach at the height of Pintor Lozano street, in front of Bilbaíno hotel, which will replace the current staircase”.

The rest of the actions are: the adaptation of a sidewalk next to Torre de Morales, on Villajoyosa Avenue, to make the surroundings of this BIC more accessible; the execution of pending lugs on Denia street and also the improvement of Plaza de las Tiendas in La Cala; and the repairs of sidewalks and improved accessibility on Marina Alta and Marina Baixa avenues, and the latter's park-and-ride parking space.

The Councilor for Accessibility and Public Space has advanced that "the increase in measurement obtained by the City Council with the tender of this contract will also be carried out in the neighborhoods of Colonia Madrid and Els Tolls."

De Zárate has indicated that “once the Intervention area controls the specifications, we will tender the contract, to advance all the processing and be able to award it as soon as the municipal budget is definitively approved”. Finally, he recalled that "it is the third year that we are tendering this contract for the maintenance of public roads, to which we are allocating 700,000 euros, thus doubling the budget of cities much larger than Benidorm."