The Mobility Ordinance and the Low Emissions Zone, is brought up for discussion

Municipal specialist clarify to the neighborhood associations their doubts about these two major projects
Meeting of neighbors at Benidorm Town Hall.
Meeting of neighbors at Benidorm Town Hall.

The City Council is committed to "cross-sectoral" collaboration between neighbors and Administration

This morning a working session was held in Benidorm, called by the Neighborhood Council, in which representatives of the neighborhood associations and municipal technicians in charge of two of the future initiatives proposed by the City Council participated: the modification of the Ordinance of Mobility and the creation of the first Low Emissions Zone in the city.

The meeting, chaired by the councilors of Citizen Participation and Mobility, Ana Pellicer and José Ramón González de Zárate, was attended by  the following associations: AVANA, Barceló-Ricardo Bayona, Casc Antic, Del Campo-Plaza España, Infante-l'Aigüera, Foietes-Estación-Vía Beniardà, La Cala, Mont Benidorm, Poniente, Serra Gelada, Ciudad Jardín and Virgen de la Almudena-Colonia Madrid. The vice presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario, also spoke. On behalf of the Municipal Technical Services, the Traffic officer, Jorge Saiz; the Traffic Intendant, Pedro Esteban Moyá; the head of Public Road, César Tercero; the Technician of the General Administration of Security and Mobility, Manuel López Ocaña and the Municipal Chief Engineer, Juan Carlos Galiano.

After the work meeting, Ana Pellicer, the modification of the Mobility Ordinance, approved in the plenary session last August, recalled that four parking areas differentiated by colors will coexist in the city. We will have a blue zone "that maintains the service" as now and three new ones are created, in which citizens registered in the city who pay the road tax here "will not have to pay any amount".

Pellicer has referred to the green zone, "which will have a maximum parking time of 48 hours"; the orange zone, where the vehicle can be parked for up to ten days and which contemplates the possibility that "non-residents who prove consumption in our city" have "discounts", pursuing the benefit of local catering establishments or commerce "To empower them." The red zone has also been presented, which has not yet defined the parking period.

The meeting also discussed the recent creation of the Low Emission Zone in the center and first line. This will have an area of ​​63 hectares and a maximum speed allowed of 20 km per hour. It will occupy the space delimited between Europa and Armada Española Avenues, with a central area corresponding to Ruzafa, Venus, Almedros and Marqués de Comillas streets. In this space "traffic will be restricted - Pellicer clarified - so that pedestrians and other types of transport such as bicycles gain space". The objective is to avoid the circulation of polluting vehicles that generate "materials that are harmful to the environment and consequently to people's health."

The two initiatives debated today will mark the future of the city. They will entail changes that "may initially lead to inconveniences for citizens," acknowledged Pellicer, who has compared the situation with the recent subdivision of the beaches, which, despite having generated debate, was aimed at "guaranteeing the safety of people and it has done so since last June 15 and continues to do so today, ”which is what has been achieved. In this context, "a better quality of life" is pursued with a lower emission of polluting toxic gases that provide "better health and well-being" for citizens.

Once these two initiatives have been exposed to the representatives of the neighborhood associations, now they will be the ones who will transfer the debate to each of the neighborhoods of Benidorm and give their associates the floor. Ana Pellicer has stressed "the importance of citizen participation" in these and other issues of local life and has emphasized the collaboration with the administration, highlighting the "great contributions that each citizen from their neighborhood can make" .