Boca del Calvari

Benidorm museums recover their activity after the Covid-19 health crisis.

13 Jul 2020

The exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of the Song of Benidorm yesterday opened its doors in an act

15 Jul 2019

Boca del Calvari museum hosts this afternoon at 7.30 pm the opening of the exhibition 'La sombra de la ley.

1 Apr 2019

The thirtieth edition of New Creators Contest, organized by the Youth Council of Benidorm City Council, is exhibited

23 Jan 2019

Museu Boca del Calvari already shows the exhibition 'Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada.

6 Mar 2018

The exhibition with the selected works of the twenty-ninth edition of New Creators Contest can be visited today at Bo

18 Jan 2018