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González de Zárate announces the integral redevelopment of Glorieta del Carrasco.

The Councilor for Works, José Ramón González de Zárate, has announced today the comprehensive redevelopment of Glorie

30 Aug 2019
The ravines of Benidorm, ready to face the season of ‘cold drop’.

The ravines of Benidorm are ready to face a possible episode of ‘cold drop’, at least in the urban sections of them -

28 Aug 2019
Image of the meeting held on August 8 with the Huerta Neighborhood Association.

The City Council will allocate 700,000 euros for repairs on the streets of Benidorm until the end of the year, throug

20 Aug 2019
City Council and Neighborhood Council launch a campaign to promote participation.

The departments of Citizen Service, Ana Pellicer, and Urban Space, José Ramón González de Zárate, together with the v

12 Jul 2019
Benidorm completes the green strip of Italia street parallel to the TRAM with a new garden area.

Benidorm City Council has completed the green strip of Italia street that runs parallel to the TRAM road with the cre

9 Jul 2019
Benidorm will create 50 new urban gardens next to the center 'Pepita Esperanza' in La Cala.

Benidorm City Council is adapting a municipal plot next to the municipal center 'Pepita Esperanza Llinares Llorca' in

4 Jul 2019


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Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
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