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Arturo Cabrillo and Paquita Ripoll take stock of their institutional work during the year 2.017.

Arturo Cabrillo has begun, indicating that he was going to refer to two specific issues.

3 Jan 2018
El Tossalet school.

The mayor and head of the area of ​​Education, Toni Perez, has clarified that the failure detected in the heat pump o

11 Dec 2017
The sports instructors will continue with their work in the schools but in the hourly conditions imposed by Conselleria

According to the limitations of the Ministry, these municipal staff can only attend the center during out-of-school

12 Sep 2017
De Zárate:"This government is not doubling expenses for technical works"

There are three technicians who perform extraordinary works based on an agreement of the Board of Government of Octo

6 Apr 2017
Compromís alerta de problemas de humedad en la extensión administrativa de Els Tolls

Respecto a los problemas de humedad, Bigorra ha explicado que en el extremo superior de dicho centro, se acumula gran

4 May 2016