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The City Council awards Telefónica the electronic administration and security against cyber attacks.

Benidorm City Council has awarded Telefónica through a public tender, the services of electronic administration, posi

25 Feb 2019
Benidorm launches four access points to free wifi in the downtown area.

Benidorm already has four free and universal wifi access points in the urban center "at full capacity".

25 Jun 2018
Benidorm project to is committed to management and smart beaches, sustainability and tourist and citizen satisfaction.

The project 'Benidorm, Smart and Sustainable Tourist Destination' presented by the City Council to the new call of Re

8 Mar 2018
Toni Pérez, at the opening of the innovation forum.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has inaugurated this morning the Forum Territorios Innovadores y Competitivos orga

6 Mar 2018
Toni Pérez in Fitur.

Benidorm continues to take steps forward to become the first Smart Tourist Destination (DTI) certified nationwide.

18 Jan 2018
Benidorm and Lorca, leaders in electronic administration

In September, 1,867 files were processed electronically in Benidorm

3 Nov 2017


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