Municipal Administrative Extensions

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The new Municipal branch and Neighborhood Center in Maravall Street will enter into service at the beginning of 2021.

A representation of the Neighborhood Council and the neighborhood associations of Plaza de España and Alfredo Corral

25 Sep 2020
The administrative extension of Beniardá reopens after the improvement works.

The municipal administrative extension of Foietes-Colonia Madrid, located on Beniardá Avenue, has reopened its doors

18 Jan 2019
Benidorm completes the accessibility in all administrative extensions acting in Foietes.

Benidorm City Ciuncil has begun work on adapting the municipal administrative extension of Foietes-Colonia Madrid, wh

26 Dec 2018
Benidorm closes the administrative extension of Limones by technical indications.

The City Council of Benidorm will proceed to the closure of the administrative extension and neighborhood center of L

19 Dec 2017
The City Council renews the signage of the administrative extensions

The planned investment in the city's five EAMs will reach 14,000 euros

7 Apr 2017

The five administrative extensions are distributed throughout the city and María Jesús Pinto said that"they represent

2 Jul 2015

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