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EMCORP 2020 program concludes, in which 14 people have been hired for six months.

The 14 people participating in EMCORP 2020 program finished their services yesterday, March 31, in different departme

6 Apr 2021
Benidorm approves the second remittance of ‘Parenthesis Grants’ and reaches 1.4 million granted.

Benidorm City Council has approved the second batch of ‘Parenthesis Aid’, raising the amount granted within this line

31 Mar 2021
The economic endowment for Benidorm is around 5.2 million euros.

The Local Government Board (JGL) of Benidorm City Council has approved today the first batch of municipal aid to fami

24 Mar 2021
Benidorm gives Labora a space in the City Council to resume the SMAC social service .

Benidorm City Council has temporarily assigned Labora a space in the town hall for the Mediation, Arbitration and Con

24 Mar 2021
The Department of Employment doubles the amount of grants for new self-employed and companies.

The Local Government Board (JGL) will approve on Monday the call for grants for new self-employed peolpe and companie

22 Mar 2021
Tomorrow the deadline to request ‘Parenthesis Grants’ opens.

Benidorm City Council opens tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2, at 09:00 a.m.

3 Mar 2021


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