House of the Mediterranean


Concert of sacred music, 'Ensemble Casa Mediterráneo' in San Jaime and Santa Ana's church

Along with Garcia-Vidal, the musicians Javier Filiu, Anna Korpalska, Avayan Anahit, Verónica Rubio Alfonso Lozano an

15 Mar 2016

The physicist, Francisco Escrihuela, the writer Carlos Ferrer, and Alexandra Diez Lapeña of the Federation of the Dea

15 Apr 2015

Thus, during the first half of this year, the participation of FESORD is taking place through a sign language interpr

22 Mar 2015

'¡Vamos a contar Futuro!', consists of a table-discussion to be held during two meetings, on March 26 and April 23, a

17 Mar 2015
Casa Mediterráneo organizes two discussions entitled '¡Vamos a contar Futuro!'

Angeles Valdivieso explained that "'Vamos a contar Futuro!' , consists of a table-discussion to be held during two me

18 Feb 2015

The schedule of activities of Ciclo de Creadores y Empresarios Mediterráneos continue next February 12th with the wri

13 Jan 2015