Séquia Mare Park will have a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center

The City Council will carry out this work, budgeted at 2.1 million euros and subsidized with European funds, between this year and next
Séquia Mare Park will have a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center.
Séquia Mare Park will have a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center.

Séquia Mare Park in Benidorm will have a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center; a project included in the Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI), which will be financed by the City Council with its own resources and with a percentage of the 10 million euros of European funds that the city will receive from this year until 2023. The maximum budget for this project reaches 2,117,500 euros and the forecast is that the new park endowments will be operational by the end of 2022.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, has pointed out that “since its opening, this park has become a great green lung and pole of attraction for the population. However, already in its planning several phases of action on this green area were foreseen with the aim of making Séquia Mare Park an ethnographic-cultural, tourist and sporting asset of reference ”. "An objective - he has ensured - that we strengthen with the construction of a youth hostel and an interpretation center and with the provision of a camping area of ​​more than 14,000 meters integrated into the park itself."

Toni Pérez has detailed that “administratively we are already taking the first steps to materialize this action by putting out to tender the contract for the drafting of the basic and execution projects, to which we are going to allocate a maximum budget of 100,000 euros and which will be awarded in February ”. The winning consulting firm will have a maximum period of three months to complete the work, after which the work will be put out to tender, for which 1,270,500 euros have been reserved in the municipal budget for 2021.

Likewise, he highlighted that "this is the first project that we are going to promote within EDUSI, a program with which we are going to substantially improve the quality of life of citizens, since it has a marked character and social component" and that “Revolves around access to information technologies (ICT), the reduction of CO2 emissions, the protection of the environment and efficiency in the use of resources, as well as the fight against inequality and poverty through inclusion policies "

Regarding the content of the project for Séquia Mare, the mayor explained that "in the same building will be the youth hostel and the interpretation center." The hostel will have capacity for between 50 and 60 people, and will have: rooms for 8 to 20 beds with heating, bathrooms with showers, common dining and recreation areas, a playroom or library, laundry room, washing machine, safe and breakfast service or food or, failing that, the use of a kitchen will be facilitated.

For its part, the interpretation center, conceived as a didactic space, will be designed to explain the uses and customs of the Marina Baixa, and in which tribute is also paid to Séquia Mare as a great work of hydraulic engineering key to promote the development of the populations of the region ”. This building, which will have a maximum of three heights, will be located on a 2,626 square meter plot next to the ‘skate’ and the ‘bowl’.

With regard to the camping area, it will be located on a plot of 14,800 square meters that corresponds to the access pine forest to the park. This area, which will be fenced, will have toilet and shower modules, a pergola-type enclosure that will serve as an open-air dining room and in which there will be a small building for a field kitchen, fountains and a 'canoping' and multi-adventure area.

Consultant team composition

Based on the specifications, the team drafting the basic projects and the execution of these new equipments for the Séquia Mare must be composed, at least, by: a person with a degree in Higher Architecture; and others in Higher Industrial Engineering or Industrial Technical Engineering, and in Higher Forestry Engineering or Technical Forestry Engineering.