The road without sidewalks of Armada Española will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport

The City Council will assign a municipal brigade of carpenters to the maintenance of the footbridge of Poniente
The road without sidewlaks of Armada Española will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.
The road without sidewlaks of Armada Española will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

The Association of Neighbors of Poniente and businessmen of the area, have met today with the councilors of Citizen Participation, Ana Pellicer, and the head of Public Space, José Ramón González de Zárate, to evaluate the progress of the requests that the social groups moved to the City Council before the decree of the state of alarm because of the Covid-19. Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario, vice-presidents of the Neighborhood Council, also participated in the meeting.

At that time, González de Zárate announced the opening "before Easter" of Rajadell accesses, which could not be due to the circumstances, but rather before the end of the lock down. "One of the improvements," he said, "requested by the residents of Poniente and that has already become a reality" with "many more accesses and many more parking spaces."

After the work meeting, the councilor emphasized two projects "they are not from now, but from a long time ago and the neighbors know we are working on them": the new wooden walkway and to make into a pedestrian area "without sidewalks " the entire Armada Española avenue.

Saved the initial difficulties with the General Directorate of Coasts and Marine Environment, González de Zárate has announced that "at the end of the summer" the final project will be carried out and waiting  for "the Government of Spain to solve the economic surplus by the good management of the City Council from Benidorm ”. As soon as the placet is obtained, the investment will be made, which will be “financially sustainable” at the request of the residents of Poniente.

At today's meeting, González de Zárate has pledged to assign "a brigade of municipal carpenters to carry out maintenance work" on the current footbridge to avoid "possible falls or tripping of people."

Regarding Armada Española Avenue, the Councilor of Works has communicated that the municipal technicians are carrying out the corresponding project and during the month of July a subsidy will be requested" from a higher administration since the initiative "meets" all the requirements for this as it is "the only road without sidewalks that gives absolute priority" to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. González de Zárate has ventured that if the aid is obtained, "throughout 2021 the works on the avenue will be able to be executed", and the image will be similar to Sant Pere street.

Beach management system

For its part, the person in charge of Citizen Participation, has influenced the entry into operation "today" of the new online management platform and clarified how many issues have been raised in this regard by neighborhood representatives and businessmen, such as the reservation of plots. Ana Pellicer, has shown her satisfaction "for the gratitude" of the neighbors after having solved "quickly" two last-minute requests such as the expansion of the number of plots for beach users or the increase in access to them.

Pellicer has noted that other minor issues concerning the urban scene or cleanup have also been discussed. The councillor has also announced that the next meeting with neighborhood representatives will take place on Thursday, July 30, in Rincón de Loix.