PP obtains an absolute majority in Benidorm with almost 40% of the votes

Socialists achieve 10 councilors and Cs 2
 PP obtains an absolute majority in Benidorm with almost 40% of the votes.
PP obtains an absolute majority in Benidorm with almost 40% of the votes.

The participation drops 4.11 points and stands at 42.81%

The Popular Party (PP) has obtained an absolute majority in Benidorm in the Municipal Elections held this Sunday to get 13 of the 25 councilors at stake. The list headed by the popular Toni Pérez has achieved 39.68% of the votes cast -9,162-, thus passing from the 8 councilors of the elections of 2015 to the 13 of these elections.

The second most voted force has been the PSOE, with 31.74% of the votes - 7,328 - and 10 councilors; followed by Citizens (Cs), which has achieved 8.73% of the support -2,016- and two councilors. The rest of the political formations that attended the elections have not obtained the 5% of the votes necessary to obtain representation.

The candidacy that has stayed closer to that 5% has been Compromís, with 4.53% of the votes, ahead of Podem (4.09%), Vox (3.40%), CCD (1.70%). %), With you (1.70%), EUPV: SE (1.29%), Moderate Center-The Greens (1.29%), Som-BND (0.75%), Commerce and Housing Benidorm (0, 24%), and NICU (0.22%).

The participation was 42.81%, 4.11 points below that registered in the Municipal Elections of May 2015.

As regards the European Elections, the PSOE has been the most voted party with 35.45% and 8,058 votes, followed by the Popular Party with 29.53% and 6,713 votes and Ciudadanos Cs, with 14% and 3,181 votes. Podemos has reaped 7.68% with 1, .745 votes and Vox with 6.21% and 1.412 votes. The rest of the candidacies have been below 3% of the votes.

Last elections

In 2015, ten political formations were presented, with the PP being the most voted force with the support of 6,709 voters (26.9% of the votes). They followed him: PSOE with 5,416 votes (21.72%), Citizens for Benidorm (CBM) with 3,062 supporters (12.28%), Citizens (Cs) with 2,491 votes (9.99%), Liberals of Benidorm (Libe) with 2,232 votes (8.95%), Compromís-Los Verdes with 1,780 supports (6.98%), Esquerra Unida del Pais Valencià (EUPV) with 955 votes (3.83%), If You Can Benidorm with 788 (3 , 16%), Union of Progress and Democracy (UPyD) with 704 (2.82%), and Canviem with 469 supports (1.88%). The participation reached 57'18%, with a 42.82% abstention, while 1.71% of the votes cast were null and 1.5% blank.

The PP won 8 councilors, PSOE 7, CBM 3, CS 3, Liberales 2 and Compromís-Los Verdes 2.