The plenary session approves the parking rates of l’Aigüera, with discounts of up to 60% for residents and clients of establishments and hotels

ICIO bonus is extended until June 30, and the green light is given to the modification of the General Plan to extend the ‘commercial axes’ to various streets of the city
The plenary session approves the parking rates of l’Aigüera, with discounts of up to 60% for residents and clients of establishments and hotels
The plenary session approves the parking rates of l’Aigüera, with discounts of up to 60% for residents and clients of establishments and hotels

Unanimously, the Municipal Plan of Attention to Mental Illness 2021-2024 is approved

Today the plenary session of Benidorm Corporation has approved by a majority the public prices for l’Aigüera car park, which include discounts of up to 60% for residents and clients of commercial, hotel and hotel establishments in the downtown area. The Councilor for the Treasury, Aida García Mayor, explained that these public prices are included "in the fiscal ordinance" and are set based on "the memory prepared by the Engineering department."

García Mayor recalled that "once the current contract is finished, the car park will be managed directly by the City Council", and hence it is necessary to approve this tax ordinance, which sets "the price per minute at 0.0317 euros ”.

As stated in the ordinance, the new management foresees bonuses of up to 60% for the “Resident card holders” of Benidorm parking, as well as with the presentation of the “purchase receipt in shops, bars, restaurants in the center of Benidorm ”or“ evidence of stay ”in tourist accommodation also in the downtown area”. García Mayor has indicated that "the intention is that these bonuses reach 60%", an issue that "will be modulated during the first year" depending on "how the parking management evolves economically."

The mayor of the Treasury has indicated that "this ordinance and the public management of this car park will boost the mobility of the center of Benidorm, since it will help to facilitate parking for people who want to access the city center either to spend the night in an establishment downtown hotel, doing business, shopping, etcetera ”. "All this results - she added - in an important benefit for the city from an economic, environmental and social point of view."

Also in the economic sphere, by a large majority the plenary session has given the green light to a budgetary modification amounting to 59,025.92 euros to face the expropriation agreement that will allow the City Council to obtain 60 square meters of land on La Garita street; a land that currently occupies farm number 37 and that will be used to expand this public road.

As agreed in the expropriation agreement, the property will be in charge of the demolition of the current property, after which the City Council will take possession of those 60 square meters of land on La Garita Street, Subsequently, the City Council will carry out the work of urbanization, with which the width of this section of the road will be widened, leaving it with the same aesthetics and dimensions as the rest of the street.

With the unanimous vote of the Corporation, it has been approved to submit to public information the specific modification number 22 of the General Plan that concerns the implementation of medium-sized commercial areas and the so-called commercial hubs. As explained by the mayor of Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, this specific modification update and adapt the urban regulations to commercial legislation, allows increasing the sales area in small and medium commercial trays, and "expanding the qualification of 'commercial axis' to streets strong commercial demand ”thus facilitating the implementation of activity in the first plants.

Caselles has reported that this modification "has favorable environmental reports" and with the approval of the "Territorial Planning Service and the competent Department" that "agree with the City Council on how we are regulating urban and commercial planning."

The mayor has indicated that based on this modification "the sales area in small and medium commercial trays increases to 2,000 square meters for food and 2,500 square meters for the rest"; while the classification as ‘commercial hubs’ is proposed for Mercado, Gerona, Alameda, Ametlla del Mar and Alicante streets, where in recent years “pedestrianization has been promoted”.

The regular regulation of the home telecare service has also been unanimously approved, the cost of which has been assumed by the City Council and which will be provided through the Red Cross. The Councilor for Social Welfare, Angela Llorca, explained that this service allows "older and lonely people in our municipality who are not dependent can continue to be protected, enhancing their autonomy and facilitating that they reside at home for as long as possible."

Llorca has indicated that, through a telephone line and computer tools, users will contact “specialized personnel”. The remote assistance includes the services of key custody and mobile unit that allow the team of authorized professionals to access the home in the event of a fall or emergency, speeding up care and minimizing possible damage.

The regulation approved today establishes the operation of telecare, as well as the requirements that beneficiaries must meet.

With the same result, the Municipal Plan for Attention to Mental Illness 2021-2024 has been approved, which “organizes the operation” of the new Service for Attention and Follow-up to Mental Illness created by the Conselleria d'Igualtat i Polítiques Inclusives. This Plan "also includes the main objectives, actions and resources" that "are aimed at the psychosocial recovery of people with mental illness, through prevention, promotion of autonomy and inclusion", as detailed by Llorca.

The mayor of Social Welfare has indicated that through this service "comprehensive care will be provided" that includes "the family, social, economic, leisure and work context" and with which it will work "not only with the person affected, but also with her family ”. Llorca has stressed that "the ultimate goal is to improve the social understanding of mental illness and eliminate stigma, making mental illness visible and normalizing", providing "a response to the needs of a forgotten group".

By majority, "the rejection of the rejection of the new distribution for the year 2020 of the funds destined to the Local Entities for the fulfillment of the State Pact against Gender Violence has been expressed" after verifying "a cut" in the resources transferred to the Valencian Community with respect to the previous year. In the case of Benidorm, the cut is "almost 55%", as stated by the Councilor for Equality, Angela Zaragozí, who stressed that "you can not go back in the fight against gender violence."

For this reason, the "Government of Spain has been urged to increase transfers, at least, to the figures prior to the pandemic" to "prevent the programs implemented to combat gender violence, and even the State Pact itself , are not affected "

In the same session, the appointment of the municipal secretary as secretary of the Consortium of the Waste Zone Plan 6 has been ratified and reported; and the agreement adopted by the Valencian Courts to transfer to the parliamentary groups of the Chamber the agreements of the Benidorm plenary session last February of support to the State Security Forces and Forces and the request to declare as' strategic actions 'in health matters, the construction of the new Rincón de Loix health center and the expansion of La Vila Joiosa regional hospital.

Opposition motions

With the vote of all the members of the Corporation, a proposal from the municipal group Cs has succeeded to carry out the necessary procedures to extend the current period of ICIO bonus until June 30, 2021 ”.

Extraordinary reports

Then, the entire Corporation has approved a motion by the Councilor for the Treasury to modify tax ordinance number 5 and thus make this ICIO bonus viable until June 30. García Mayor has indicated that this measure is about "promoting business activity and employment in these first months of the year."

Besides and with the same result, a proposal from the Board of Spokespersons has come forward to adhere to the declaration of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) in which the suitability of the Town Councils to participate is established. in the management of the European funds of the Recovery Plan.