The Partial Plan that will complete the Poniente urban grid will be completed by the spring of 2021

TM will present in less than a month the projects of land division, urbanization and complementary works
The Partial Plan that will complete the Poniente urban grid will be completed by the spring of 2021.
The Partial Plan that will complete the Poniente urban grid will be completed by the spring of 2021.
This sector that reinforces the union of Vicente Pérez Devesa Avenue and Paseo de Poniente covers the parking needs and public spaces of the area

The Partial Plan 2/1 Poniente, which will "sew the urban fabric" of the area and "complete the union of Armada Española and Vicente Pérez Devesa avenues, will be" a reality in the spring of 2021 ". This has been announced today by the mayor, Toni Pérez, and Abel García, vice president of TM Real Estate Group-developer agent of the sector, after the signing of the agreement for the development of this sector, which totals 131,200 square meters, of which the 61.50% will be converted into car parks, roads, green areas and public facilities. In the signing of the agreement have also been present the Councilor for Urban Planning, Lourdes Caselles, and the Director of Town Planning of TM, Cristóbal Ruiz.

After the signing of the agreement, the company will present in less than a month the reparcelling projects, the urbanization recast, and the complementary works that will be executed with charge to the "voluntary improvement" offered by TM. An improvement that translates into "works of social interest" for an amount close to 3 million euros.

The mayor stressed that within these complementary works there are several qualified as priority, such as "the execution of a roundabout on Avenida Villajoyosa at the height of the post of the Red Cross", which will link through a new road to the avenue Vicente Pérez Devesa and that is "an investment of one million euros." Within this section is also the construction of a parking for more than 450 vehicles, and the work to prevent the accumulation of water in a plot of around 25,000 square meters for public facilities. To these actions are added the rehabilitation of the promenade in the section that may be affected by the work, and the construction of a lookout and an elevator-landscape that connects the Spanish Armada Avenue with the highest part of the parking.

Pérez has stressed that the development of this sector and all planned works will allow "the zone of Poniente reposition" and also will "boost the commercial life" of this enclave, "contributing in turn to the programmed growth and sustainable". In addition, and as pointed out by the vice-president of TM Real Estate Group, the urbanization of the partial plan 2/1, in which there are projected some 1,000 homes, will entail 5.2 million euros of revenue for the City Council.

The development of this partial plan comes after the same company has completed the urbanization of El Murtal II sector and is executing the Action Unit 1 Poniente, floors adjacent to PP 2/1. The Councilor for Urban Development has indicated that the urbanization of all this land means in the West "the opening of three large roads that also involve public parking", so that with the development of these sectors "will be resolved the problem of connection and parking, as well as the need for public spaces and parks. "

Partial Plan Numbers 2/1 Poniente
Some of the figures of this sector offered today by the City Council and / or the developer are:
- 19,024 square meters for green areas;
- 24,928 square meters, for public facilities;
- 36,736 square meters of public road and parking;
- a parking lot of 10,000 square meters just 60 meters from Paseo de Poniente with a capacity for 453 vehicles;
- 131 parking spaces in the new vials and 106 more in front of the commercial tray projected on Vicente Pérez Devesa Avenue;
- 45,000 square meters of residential land in which there are projected some 1,000 homes;

Investment of TM Real Estate Group in Benidorm
To date, as pointed out by Abel García, the activity of TM in Benidorm over the last three and a half years "has meant an investment of 100 million euros" and "tax revenues for the City Council of 2,750,000 euros" and it has been translated "into the creation of about a thousand jobs". With regard to PP 2/1, "the investment that we foresee for the next five or eight years - depending on the economic cycles-, amounts to some 223 million euros"; while it could generate around 2,300 jobs and achieve 5.2 million euros of revenue in the municipal coffers.

The vice president of TM stressed the agility of the City when carrying out all the urban planning, since "it has been decisive" for the merchant to continue investing in the city after its two initial projects; while the mayor added that among the obligations of the local administration is to facilitate "those who want to invest in Benidorm can do it."