Ouais Zitane and Noelia Valle, winners of Vueling Benidorm Half Marathon

Philip Massacard and Giukia Vettor, first positions in 10K
Toni Pérez, just before the starting.
Toni Pérez, just before the starting.

More than 3,600 runners of 38 nationalities have taken the start of Vueling Benidom Half 2020 half marathon and the 10K to travel through an urban circuit approved by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. The tests are punishable and are included in the official calendar.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, accompanied by the Councilor for Sports, Mariló Cebreros, and other representatives of the municipal Corporation, gave the starting signal at 6.30 pm that from Avenida del Mediterráneo would travel along Levante and Poniente to return to the point of departure. A circuit of ten kilometers to which the participants of the 10K have gone around and those of the half marathon, two.

The goal received the first winners with a light show and with a novel aromatization system that distributed a soft smell of jasmine throughout the enclosure. This chromatic and aromatic stimulation aims to accompany the runners in the last effort by encouraging them sensually at the moment of crossing the finish line.

In Benidorm Half Marathon, in the men's category, the winner was the Moroccan Ouais Zitane, with a time of 1:09:29; secondly, Andrés Mico, with 1:09:44; and third, David Giménez, with 1:11:56. In the women's category, Noelia Valle won the time with a time of 1:30:58, followed by Sonia Tirado with 1:32:03 and the British Joanne Stanfield, with 1:32:25.

With regard to 10K, the Dutchman Philip Massacand came first to finish with a time of 0:31:27. Next the Spaniards Francisco Maciá with 0:31:56 and Miguel Ángel Sánchez with 0:32:09. In the feminine category the Italian Giulia Vettor podium took place after performing a time of 0:37:29 and after it the nationals Ana Belén Bernalte with 0:38:32 and Laura Domene with 0:39:20.

Local Classification

In the local men's category, the first classified in the half marathon was Juan Antonio Fernández, with a time of 1:14:21; the second, Ángel Bañón, 1:25:16; and the third Víctor Falcón, 1:28:02. Regarding the female category, the first classified was Sonia Tirado, with 1:32:03; the second, Ann Selby, with 1:37:29; and the third, Elena Ger, with 1:44:42.

In the men's category, the first to perform the 10K was Antonio Tirado, with a time of 0:37:00; behind him Vicente Moncho, 0:37:16; and thirdly José Vicente Prieto, 0:37:50. In female, the first to reach the goal was Lucia del Mar Pérez, 0:46:10; then Cristina Gómez, 0:49:40; and finally, Anne Marie Sathre.