One more year, the Mare de Déu del Sofratge is found among ashes on Benidorm beach

Francisco Amillo, crier 2019, reviews the anecdotes of Benidorm Fiestas history
One more year, the Mare de Déu del Sofratge is found among ashes on Benidorm beach.
One more year, the Mare de Déu del Sofratge is found among ashes on Benidorm beach.

Elche Park, on Paseo de Poniente, brought together thousands of people yesterday in the recreation of the Finding of the Mare de Déu del Sofratge, which, as every year since 1971, staged the Recreational Cultural Association 'La Barqueta ', about a text by Pere Mari Orts and Bosch and in which more than fifty people participated.

One more year, the town of the people of the sea that was Benidorm and thanks to ‘La Barqueta’ chaired by Francisco Llorens, ‘Paco Rosera’, has reunited with his employer among the ashes of a shipwrecked shipyard on his beach.

After the staging of the Finding, it was time for the pilgrimage that, from Elche Park, toured the Paseo de la Carretera, Alamenda and Calle Mayor to finish in the Plaza de Sant Jaume where a mural with bouquets of flowers has been made. More than 300 cultural and festive associations of the city have participated in the most massive event of the first day of the Majors Patronals Festivities, including the clubs integrated in the Association of Penyes 'Verge del Sofratge', the non-associated, regional houses, collective social, mayorales, mayorales of honor and, of course, the flag bearer 2019 and his family, Vicente Berenguer.

After the floral offering, on stage, the Infant Queen, Paula Mayor, recited the verse to the Mare de Déu del Sofrate and the Queen Mayor, Marina Carrillo, addressed the attendees to highlight the importance of their parties for the entire city from Benidorm. Marina moved the audience with the signs of affection and affection that I dedicate to Paula for "her sweet innocence, spontaneity" and the "wonderful year" they have lived together.

Francisco Amillo, a crier

Next, this year's preacher, Francisco Alegre Amillo, historian and retired professor of the IES Beatriu Fajardo de Mendoza, and also grandfather of Paula Mayor, who announced, as did the preachers in the villages that “per ordre del senyor mayor” ”Benidorm lives its Festes Majors Patronals.

The rain that threatened throughout the afternoon threatened to discharge, but the drops did not discourage the public, nor the preacher who reviewed, based on anecdotes the 135 years of holidays in November, or the 160 of mayorales, or the 111 of sale of Christmas lottery to cover the party. After his words, the mayor, Toni Pérez, imposed the commemorative badge.

The president of the Comissió, Roberto Carretero, then took the floor to "thank the great honor" received this year to "represent the Benidorm party in which we have lived unforgettable moments." Carretero thanked the support of the Department of Culture and Festivities, and also that of the president in perpetuity of the Comissió, Paco Rosera.

Toni Pérez was in charge of closing the event recalling the experience lived with Alegre Amillo during the construction of the Beatriu Fajardo de Mendoza, 20 years ago and, endorsing the words of the crier, he ended by saying that “per ordre of the mayor, ja estem in Festes. "

The event ended with a pyrotechnic show at Plaza de la Senyoria.