The local government will implement an experimental parking zone for residents in Colonia Madrid and the upper part of the Center

People registered in Benidorm and who pay their vehicle tax in the city will be able to use these places
The local government will implement an experimental parking zone for residents in Colonia Madrid and the upper part of the Center.
The local government will implement an experimental parking zone for residents in Colonia Madrid and the upper part of the Center.
Mobility will compensate in different points of the city part of the more than 200 places of blue zone eliminated to avoid possible compensations to the company

Benidorm is going to implement a pilot parking zone for residents in Colonia Madrid and the upper part of the center of the city, which can be used by all registered persons and who pay their Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax (IVTM) in the city. This is what the councilor of the area, José Ramón González de Zárate, has said today in the Mobility Advisory Council: "This formula is an alternative to the 'green zone' that the local government wanted to make viable through a modification of the ordinance; modification that has gone to full in six or seven occasions and that has not gotten to prosper ".

De Zárate clarified that "given the impossibility of implementing the 'green area' under the terms, the government has decided to create this area for residents to have a free parking area" which will be controlled by the Local Police. The councillor remarked that "we have chosen to implement this area in the upper part of the Center and Colonia Madrid because in this neighborhood and its surroundings there are three car parks with a capacity for 1,500 vehicles, so that non-residents and tourists- have a parking alternative ". It is specifically the parking next to the TRAM station, the Mercasa station and the one located in the fairgrounds.

This zone of residents will be located in the streets without ORA, between l'Aigüera and Foietes Avenues and Estación and Limones streets.

In the Mobility Advisory Council, technicians have indicated that now it will be necessary to establish the system of use and regulation of this area of ​​residents, which will be implemented "progressively" from March. The mayor of Mobility advanced that depending on how this experience is developed, the City Council will study the possibility of implementing it also in other neighborhoods of Benidorm.

On the other hand, in the same Mobility Advisory Council and for the fourth consecutive session, the need to "create new parking spaces in the blue zone to compensate for the more than 200 that have been eliminated in the last three and a half years, and that they have left the number of regulated parking spaces below the minimum of 1.523 established in the specifications. "

As explained by the technicians, due to the renovation or remodeling of the streets and Mediterráneo Avenue -and adjacent-, Ametlla del Mar, Tomás Ortuño and Carrasco "a total of approximately 195 regulated parking spaces will be eliminated", and to these ones are added those already suppressed by accessibility or pedestrianization works in other roads.

Based on the specifications of the ORA contract, "it is essential to compensate at least those places" to avoid that the concession incurs an economic imbalance; a circumstance that, if it were to occur, would oblige the City Council to face "notable economic compensations". In addition, according to the technicians, "it is very convenient to have a number of places so that you do not have to be permanently compensating" the company "for actions on public roads".

The proposal put forward by the Facultative Management in the Mobility Advisory Council was to create new places to reach 1,707 places per year, one less than when the contract was awarded during the last term. However, the local government "does not contemplate the technical proposal of converting into annual the approximately 100 summer places on the Avenida Vicente Llorca Alós", so the figure will be around 1,600 seats per year, thus reserving the City Council a 'mattress' for possible deletions.

De Zárate remarked that "most of the new squares are created in the vicinity of where they have been removed and that they are streets where there is a need for vehicle rotation due to commercial or tourist activities or the presence of public services". In addition, "we have attended the requests that have made us collect collectives such as Hosbec or the ONCE".

New sections of streets with squares of blue zone
- Limones Street between Maravall and Jaime I: 8 places
- Jupiter Street between Tomás Ortuño and Almendros: 9 places
- Avenida de Foietes: 80 places
- Orxeta Street: 23 places
- Avenida Aigüera with Plaza SSMM Reyes de España: 10 places (6 of them only outside the loading and unloading hours)
- London Street between Ametlla del Mar and Estocolmo: 20 places

Parking spaces that go from 'summer zone' to annuals
- Avenida Europa between Lepanto and Avenida Mediterráneo.
- Lepanto between Doctor Orts Llorca and Europa.
- Gerona between Filipinas and Derramador.
- Almeria between Lepanto and Mediterráneo.