“Living in Benidorm; work from paradise ”, Benidorm's new proposal: leisure and working-from-home

<Benidorm, your workplace in the Mediterranean> is an innovative initiative to attract talent and new clients
“Living in Benidorm; work from paradise ”, Benidorm's new proposal: leisure and working-from-home.
“Living in Benidorm; work from paradise ”, Benidorm's new proposal: leisure and working-from-home.

Toni Pérez highlights that with this proposal Benidorm is positioned as a destination for digital nomads

A concept that is gaining prominence in the current situation is that of the digital nomad, a person who uses new technologies to work remotely instead of working from their workplace. Being able to do it remotely implies being able to use other place than the habitual residence.

Mayor Toni Pérez stressed that Benidorm's new tourist bet is to position itself "as an ideal place and safe destination for digital nomads, making the city's possibilities and services available to them."

Pérez has pointed out that the possibility of working 'from home', 'remotely', proposed by Benidorm, is open to long-stay tourists who can combine the climatic, holiday and leisure attractions of Benidorm with the services made available to them: "It is a formula - he said - that allows traveling and working online, generating freedom of movement, which is a paradigm shift for both young people entering the labor market and professionals, while configuring an innovative field, now each increasingly normalized by the incidence of covid ”. The Pandemic, Pérez insisted, "is accelerating the implementation of this formula in companies and workers are normalizing it."

Regarding the initiative, Toni Pérez stressed that “starting from the premise of innovation and seeking to open new markets, the Big Data department of Visit Benidorm has monitored trends and after analyzing the data, has created a specific product which offers a special and safe place to work from: Benidorm, your workplace in the Mediterranean ”.

It is, without a doubt, the mayor pointed out, "a new and special product, specific for a specific client, which generates one more attraction to add to the list of possibilities in Benidorm". With this, Pérez stressed, "Benidorm follows the DTI axes and strengthens them in Innovation and Technology with the aim of attracting talent and new customer profiles to the city."

The premises of this new initiative are set on improving the quality of life from a unique and exceptional workplace such as Benidorm. The issues are clear, said the mayor: "Benidorm offers professional services, security and perfect connectivity for teleworking and frames an ideal solution", concluding that "Benidorm is the perfect place to live and work." And he explained it: "A medium-sized city, well urbanized and a vertical city model, with good accessibility and well connected, an example of sustainability, large hotel and non-hotel capacity, open all year round, with services and accessibility and with one of the most complete commercial, leisure and restaurant offers in the Mediterranean ”. In addition, Mayor Toni Pérez highlighted, “it has coworking spaces, such as the Turist-Lab Benidorm”.

The new initiative for positioning the Benidorm brand, Pérez concluded, is to “live in Benidorm; work from Paradise "

The possibility of this product is already available on the VisistBendorm website: https://www.visitbenidorm.es/ver/5754/nomadas-digitales-.html