Letter from the councillor of Finance to users of Education

Refund of users receipt of Nursery Schools, Municipal Conservatories and other educational activities
Letter from the councillor of Finance to users of Education.
Letter from the councillor of Finance to users of Education.

Benidorm Town hall

Treasury Department

Dear users,

First of all I want to send you encouragement in these difficult times that we are living. We expect our lives can return to normality as soon as possible.

Secondly, since bills with direct debit orders corresponding to CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS AND MUNICIPAL CONSERVATORIES AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES were charged by the Bank on March 13, those of a monthly nature, and on previous dates those that have a bi-monthly or quarterly character, and the statement of the state of alarm occurred on March 14, nobody could foresee the situation that has finally occurred, in addition to the closure of the facilities of the central building of the City Council, so it was not possible to make any kind of cancellation of the referral massive receipt.

With all this, the following measures will be adopted by the Department of Finance:

1º.- Due to the complexity of the calculation, in some cases, of this type of activities, reports will be requested from the appropriate services to calculate the amount of the refund that would correspond to the month of March. Once it is calculated, we can act in two different ways.

2º.- The first of them is to proceed, as has happened on other occasions, to compensation with the following receipt that is issued, in the event of continuation as a user of the service.

3º.- In case you want the refund the excess of the receipt charged by the bank, you must make an express request for a refund, and once that excess is calculated, it will be refunded, after the appropriate legal procedures.

4º.- In the unwanted and hypothetical case of a definitive closure of the activities of nursery schools, municipal conservatories or other educational activities, the excess charge would be automatically refunded, without the need for an express request, once it has been calculated such excess and prior the appropriate legal procedures.

5º.- Of course, no other receipt will be issued until the municipal facilities are reopened. You can contact from Monday, March 23 with the Treasury area (966815418 or tesorería@benidorm.org) for any questions that may arise.


Aida García Mayor

Delegate Councillor for Finance