Five companies and two UTEs choose to execute the 'Universal Accessibility' project, valued at 2 million euros

Seven merchants have presented offers for the musealization of El Tossal; three, to dig in El Castell; and 13, to draft Leonor Canalejas school pavilion project
Five companies and two UTEs choose to execute the 'Universal Accessibility' project, valued at 2 million euros.
Five companies and two UTEs choose to execute the 'Universal Accessibility' project, valued at 2 million euros.

Five companies and two Temporary Business Unions (UTEs) have submitted to the public tender to execute the project 'Improvement of universal accessibility and sustainability', valued at 1,992,000 euros. The Contracting Committee has verified that the seven offers meet the administrative requirements before proceeding to the opening of the technical proposal, which must now be informed by the Municipal Services. Once this technical assessment has been made, a second round will be convened to open the envelope containing the mathematical proposal offered by each tenderer.

This project, co-funded by the Provincial Council of Alicante, includes six lines of action, including the comprehensive renovation of Elche Park, valued at just over 700,000 euros. The rest of the lines foresee actions in practically the whole city in the matter of asphalting, road accessibility, sidewalks plan, security and accessibility in municipal public buildings.

The mayor, Toni Perez, has indicated that this project "is the largest investment made by this City Council in a single specific plan linked to accessibility and sustainability", and has detailed that the comprehensive renovation of Elche Park provides "maintain the physiognomy of current trails "although incorporating the same imitation material from albero de Foietes Park; the installation of rainwater network - of which it lacks - to avoid accumulation of water; the reform of the ramps and access stairs to the beach; renovate the luminaires with 'led' technology and the gardening areas "conserving the trees"; fix with masonry the wall that separates the park from the sand; and to change the aesthetics of the promenade area giving continuity to the colored pavement of the Paseo de Poniente.

With regard to the rest of the programs, the Asphalting Plan is endowed with 681,148.25 euros, and it will act on the avenue of Beniardá, with special attention to the section that connects with the first roundabout of the CV-70, the height of the Potable Water Treatment Station (ETAP); and in the streets of La Cala located in El Tossal and its base. The accessibility actions budgeted at close to 140,000 euros will be focused on the Center; while the 150,000 euros of the Plan de Aceras will go to the upper section of Esperanto Street.

In the chapter on Security, endowed with 179,412 euros, access control has been planned mainly at the most sensitive points; while in the Plan to improve Accessibility to buildings - which amounts to 48,375 euros - it will reach all municipal public buildings and will focus on the construction of ramps and / or installation of automatic doors.

The mayor informed that this same week the contracting body has also met to open the offers presented to intervene archaeologically at the El Tossal site in La Cala and El Castell, and for the drafting of the project for the execution of the new multipurpose pavilion for the public school Leonor Canalejas and the Adult Training School (EPA).

Seven companies opt for the 'Archaeological intervention in the Castellum del Tossal of La Cala', valued at nearly 500,000 euros and has received a grant within the line of aid for the protection or recovery of the Valencian cultural heritage of the Operational Program FEDER 2014 -2020. Also co-financed with FEDER funds is the 'Project of archaeological intervention and construction of the recovery and enhancement of the Castell de Benidorm', amounting to 1.2 million euros and which want to run three companies.

Finally, 13 companies have submitted to the public tender to draft the execution project of the multipurpose pavilion in the Leonor Canalejas public school, a work that the City Council assumes to be carried out by the Reginal Goverment delegation within the 'Edificant' program.