The court dismisses the complaint for an alleged division of contracts of the Department of Works

Both the judge and the prosecutor consider that there is no crime
The court dismisses the complaint for an alleged division of contracts of the Department of Works.
The court dismisses the complaint for an alleged division of contracts of the Department of Works.

De Zárate requires the PSOE spokesman to "apologize to the municipal technicians"

The Court of Instruction number 4 of Benidorm has decreed the dismissal of the complaint for an alleged fractionation of contracts of the Department of Works because the magistrate understands that there is no crime. This has been announced today by the spokesman of the local government, José Ramón González de Zárate, who recalled that the complaint refers to various works executed in 2016 and was filed by the Observatory against Corruption after a press conference offered by the municipal group of the PSOE.

De Zárate has indicated that the provisional dismissal order was issued on March 27 and became final several days later. It has also influenced that the prosecutor himself says in his letter that "in view of the file provided by the City of Benidorm, it is evident that the contracts" denounced "do not have the same object, in the case of works carried out in different streets " Hence, both the prosecutor and the judge determine that "there are insufficient elements that allow integrating the facts reported in the types sought."

At this point, the spokesman of the PP has clarified that this order of dismissal not only refers to the complaint by a supposed fragmentation of contracts, but also interposed by purchases made by the Department of Social Welfare in the Christmas campaign of the year 2016, and which was already reported last April.

De Zárate has accused the socialist spokesman, Ruben Martinez, of being behind the complaint filed by the Observatory of Corruption, and of wanting with it to "cover up their lack of capacity and work" and "paralyze the development of Benidorm". After ensuring that "not everything is valid in politics", he urged Martínez "to apologize to the municipal technicians", since both the denunciation and the public statements made at the time by the socialist spokesman at a press conference and on social networks "The only thing they have done is to go against the officials and question their work and professionalism."

After recalling that the preliminary proceedings have been closed without investigation and without having been summoned to declare anyone, the popular spokesman has deepened that, in the reports submitted to the court, "the municipal technicians were responsible" for the procedure "because they had done things right ", and" they justified that there was no breach of contract of any kind "as the judge and prosecutor have concluded.

After "thank" and "defend" the performance and work of municipal technicians, De Zárate has asked that "Justice act against those who submit false allegations to damage the honor and the work of other people."

Finally, he urged the socialist spokesman to "stop inventing smoke screens" to "try to hide their shame" and has claimed explanations "about the different cases of alleged corruption that are investigated in the courts that affect the PSOE of Benidorm "