Benidorm is impregnated with the LGBT environment in a new edition of the 'Pink Weekend'

This advance of the Pride, which starts tomorrow, is expected to improve the assistance of previous years and bring together more than 3,000 people
Benidorm is impregnated with the LGBT environment in a new edition of the 'Pink Weekend'.
Benidorm is impregnated with the LGBT environment in a new edition of the 'Pink Weekend'.
Benidorm, through the Spanish Office of Tourism of New York, will be present as a 'gayfriendly' destination in the World Pride of the American city

One more year, Benidorm says goodbye to the month of May with the 'Pink Weekend', an LGBT event open to the public in general and that serves as a preview to the great party of the Pride of September. The mayor of the city, Toni Pérez, today presented this new edition of the 'Pink Weekend' that starts tomorrow, day 23, along with Santos Torres, one of the organizers of this event and the Benidorm Pride; the manager of Visit Benidorm, Leire Bilbao; and the one in charge of Communication of the same, Lucho Pérez.

The mayor has informed that the 'Pink Weekend' will be held until Sunday in "the more than 20 local environment of the area 'gayfriendly'", and that "as in previous years in addition to these establishments in the Old Town the event will also develop on the street, more specifically in our emblematic Castell ".

Pérez stressed that this event "has become a benchmark event, especially since the organization of Benidorm Pride and Visit Benidorm were involved in it." In fact, each year the 'Pink Weekend' attracts "thousands of people who travel to Benidorm expressly to live this event", which "is part of the national calendar of LGBTI parties, gaining year after year projection not only nationally, but also also international. "

He also stressed that Benidorm "is a 'gayfriendly' destination that has firmly opted to position itself within the LGBT tourism segment and to support and promote all the events linked to it, as well as to be present at tourist fairs in which this market is promoted. "

The organizer of the Pride has indicated that this 'Pink Weekend' is "the kick-off of the season in the face of the collective", and added that "this event is increasing every time" and that "the forecasts for this edition are much better than last year's even "according to" social network studies ", which have accounted for 13,000 views of the last video uploaded by the organization. In fact, the edition that starts tomorrow could gather more than 3,000 people over the weekend.

As for the program, the 'Pink Weekend' starts Thursday with themed parties in the bars of the Old Town. On Friday, it will be the turn of the festival focused on local and international local artists at the viewpoint of the Castell. For Saturday a Sunset Party has been included as a novelty, to live the "sunset" from the viewpoint, which will be followed by a thematic night party of the 90s. On Sunday the Closing Party will be held in the Plant 20 of the Hotel Madeira. All these parties and activities are free and open to everyone.

Torres stressed that "Benidorm is a very tolerant city for the LGBT community, which feels very comfortable here", and has insisted on the projection that the city is charging as a 'gay friendly' destination.

 Benidorm Pride, in New York

In this regard, the manager of Visit Benidorm, Leire Bilbao, and the head of Communication of this foundation, Lucho Pérez, have announced that Benidorm and its Pride will be present, through the Spanish Tourism Office of New York, in the next Wolrd Pride that this year is celebrated in the American city. Those responsible for the Spanish Office were those who contacted Visit Benidorm to request information about the city and its Pride, and include it in the 'stand' that will install Spain in this specific event for the LGBT public.

In addition, as indicated, Benidorm participated in the 'Pink Corner' of the ITB fair in Berlin with "a presentation of the city as a destination 'gayfriendly' and the Pride aimed at professionals in the sector"; and soon he will also be present "in the Euro Pride 2019 that is celebrated in Vienna", appointment that will be attended by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and Turespaña.

The manager of Visit has added that in parallel throughout the year different 'blogtrips' and 'presstrips' focused on the LGBT market will be developed.