Benidorm drives economic measures to soothe the tax burden during the coronavirus crisis

The payment of deferrals, installments, licenses and settlements issued are delayed; and the term for those formalized during the alarm state is extended
Benidorm drives economic measures to soothe the tax burden during the coronavirus crisis.
Benidorm drives economic measures to soothe the tax burden during the coronavirus crisis.

The AEDL enables a telephone to transfer information to freelancers and SMEs

Benidorm City Council has adopted "the first economic measures to soothe the tax burden on citizens, freelancers and companies while the state of alarm decreed by the crisis and expansion of the coronavirus lasts," as explained by the mayor, Toni Pérez. A decree signed today includes "a series of measures that affect the payment of deferrals and installments granted by the City Council, as well as bussiness licenses and settlements made by the local Administration".

"In general," he said, "we postpone the payment of installments and deferrals already granted so that individuals do not receive charges during the month of April; and we extended the term to face municipal tax settlements, both those that were drawn before the state of alarm and those that are issued while it is in force. " Furthermore, “we allow the payment for bussiness licenses fee of up to 1,500 euros to be postponed and the installment payment until June 30; and settlements are suspended for the tables and chairs of the terraces until the reopening of the establishments is allowed ”.

Specifically, according to the decree, "the payment of the maturity corresponding to the month of April of the deferrals and installments that are granted is delayed one month." The remaining maturities are also delayed one month without generating interests.

Regarding the settlements issued by the City Council, for example for urban licenses, if they were notified before the state of alarm and the voluntary payment period did not end before March 18, they can be paid until April 30. If they have been notified after March 18, the deadline to pay them is extended to May 20, unless the payment period set in the letter is even longer.

Likewise, and given the exceptional nature of the current situation, the City Council will allow the payment of “bussiness licenses of up to 1,500 euros” to be requested during the months of April, May and June. In this way, they can be paid until "June 30". In addition, no settlements will be issued for occupation of public road with tables and chairs corresponding to the year 2020 until the reopening of the hospitality establishments to the public.

Finally, until May 1, no financial settlements of municipal concessions will be issued that have been affected by the suspension of activities or the closure of municipal offices. This is the case, for example, of cafeterias of social centers and other municipal offices, as well as those of the paddle and tennis courts of Palau d'Esports l’Illa.

The mayor has emphasized that "this package of measures to minimize the socioeconomic repercussions generated by the coronavirus crisis add to the suspension until further notice of the collection of the direct debits of the municipal education and sports services temporarily cancelled and the street market."

In this regard, Pérez noted that "we have worked closely with banks to reverse the charge for sports services made at the end of last week, as users are being informed."

Regarding receipts for educational services issued before the suspension of activities and the entry into force of the alarm status, the amount to be returned to each user will be calculated. Once this data is available, there are two options: the compensation of the corresponding amount in the next receipt that is issued or the return of such amount at the express request of the user. Likewise, logically, no new receipts will be issued until the reopening of the municipal facilities.

In addition, and as already indicated on Friday, while the state of alarm lasts, the receipts of the Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax (IVTM) and the garbage rate will not be drawn.

 Telephone service for freelancers and SMEs

On the other hand, the Employment and Local Promotion Agency (AEDL) in collaboration with LABORA, has launched a telephone assistance service directed at freelancers workers and SMEs, with the aim of informing them about the measures and initiatives adopted by the Government of Spain that affect them directly, or on those adopted locally by the City Council. The phone 679 66 55 76 will be available from 09:00 to 14:00. In addition, you can also contact this service through the email