Benidorm creates a new multi-sport area in Poniente with six beach volleyball courts

In addition to local athletes, the facilities will be a claim to capture the winter stages of European clubs
Benidorm creates a new multi-sport area in Poniente with six beach volleyball courts.
Benidorm creates a new multi-sport area in Poniente with six beach volleyball courts.

In later phases will be added venues for football beach and beach handball

Benidorm will soon have a new multi-sports area on Poniente beach with six beach volleyball courts, with the capacity to host sporting events and which will be available to local clubs and high level athletes. The City Council is already working on the configuration of these tracks. Some work that is being done by municipal technical services and that today have followed the councilors of Sports and Beaches, Arturo Cabrillo and Lorenzo Martinez, along with the president of the Beach Volleyball Club Poniente, the Olympic athlete Raúl Mesa.

The councillor of Sports has explained that these six tracks are located at the intersection of Vicente Llorca Alós and Xixo avenues, very close to the old local police station, and where the project began to be forged a year ago. A proposal made by Beach Volley Club.

The councilman of Beaches indicated that, because of the extent of the beach in this section, the location is the best to "host these facilities", and stressed that it is a "very demanded" service.

The president of the Beach Volleyball Club indicated that these tracks were "a necessity for growth" that the club has experienced, for the number of people who practice this modality during the summer, and "because more and more teams want to come to train Benidorm in winter ".

Mesa thanked the "good reception" that the project has had "both from the Department of Beaches and from Sports", and has announced that "once finished" the site and started the activity "we will send an invitation to all federations in Europe "So that" they know they can practice beach volleyball here in winter ". In this regard, he clarified that "many federations have already sent teams" to the previous facilities, and added that "next year is a good time" for that recruitment because "two years of the Olympics is when athletes more are prepared. "

The head of Beaches has stressed that "Benidorm has to bet on sports, sports tourism and attract high-level sporting events", and has been convinced that these facilities will fulfill this mission and will allow "optimize and take you out party to a natural resource such as our beaches. "

These facilities will occupy an approximate area of ​​1,700 square meters and in addition to the six tracks will be installed booths for use by clubs and also the City Council. In addition, it is expected that the Department of Beaches place a module of public toilets in the vicinity of the old local police checkpoint, which will serve "users who go to practice beach volleyball" to these facilities. Also, these sports spaces will be connected to the network of footbaths so that, if necessary, the tracks can be irrigated with seawater.

The councillor of Sports has advanced that these six courts of beach volleyball constitute "a first phase" of performances, as the intention of the Department is "to grow" and enable new spaces "all linked to the sport on the sand, as Cabrillo has pointed. Thus, "the idea is to create in a following phase a field of beach soccer and beach handball".