Benidorm celebrates Europe Day and the European Union as a catalyst for progress and solidarity among peoples

The City Council grants the 'Distinción Europe' to Emma Navarro Aguilera from Benidorm, vice president of the European Investment Bank, for her "brilliant work at the head of national and international institutions of the EU"
Benidorm celebrates Europe Day and the European Union as a catalyst for progress and solidarity among peoples.
Benidorm celebrates Europe Day and the European Union as a catalyst for progress and solidarity among peoples.

Benidorm City Council celebrated Europe Day today with an institutional plenary session with which Benidorm, in the words of its mayor, Toni Pérez, "revalidates and reaffirms its deep Europeanist vocation" and is "an unmissable event for a people open to world like ours. " During the plenary session, the Mayor presented the 'Distinction Europe' to the Emmaus Emma Navarro Aguilera, vice president of the European Investment Bank, for her "brilliant work at the head of national and international institutions, especially the EU". The act was attended by all the members of the Corporation, the National Deputy; members of the Security Forces and Corps; representatives of the Comissió de Festes Majors Patronals, of the Associació de Penyes and the Carta de Poblament Group; and members of social, neighborhood and cultural groups.

Toni Pérez stressed in his speech that "the Union has allowed and encouraged the improvement of all its member states and has increased the conditions and quality of life of those who live there. Belonging to the European Union means defending values ​​we share and working towards common goals. "

The mayor has detailed these universal objectives: "promote the peace and well-being of citizens; favor sustainable development based on balanced economic growth; combat social exclusion and discrimination; promote scientific and technological progress; strengthen economic and social cohesion and solidarity among peoples or respect the richness of their cultural and linguistic diversity, are part of the essence of the Union. Unites us, too, - he added -, the defense of values ​​such as human dignity; freedom in the broadest sense of the word, the defense of democracy and the enjoyment of political rights, the defense of equality before the law and equality between men and women applied to all areas ".

The first mayor stressed that "Europe is now the tangible reality that the union is strength" and a way to visualize the European construction, he said, "are the ERDF Funds with which the European Union co-finances projects presented by cities and regions. The European Regional Development Fund is the tool we have been given so that no part of Europe is left out of development and growth. "

In this regard, he recalled that "Europe has allowed us to promote the Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development and Integration, the EDUSI Benidorm, which, with a financing of 10 million euros from these European Funds, allows us to develop a local project that has involved the whole city, being a magnificent example of participation and neighborhood empowerment, born of a clear conviction: to manage the public interest in a participatory, inclusive and inclusive manner ".

To this example, it has added the aid received to "accelerate our path as the first Smart Tourist Destination certified in the world, which is committed to our digital transformation and subsidized with 2.4 million euros through; the 800,000 euros received for sustainable mobility with the Levante Cycle Ring and its connecting branches, or the 700,000 euros to enhance our historical heritage with archaeological actions to recover and muse El Castell and El Castellum del Tossal. Great projects and important investments that are, each one of them and by itself, a visible and tangible form of Europe's commitment to its people. "

The mayor also referred to the challenges that Europe must still face, such as the Brexit or the European elections process, which he called "great importance", because "Europe has to choose its representatives before decisions of enormous importance for our lives, such as the approval of the EU Budgets or the election of the President of the Commission, not to mention the ratification of directives that order the coexistence of our day to day. This time, therefore, with political options that openly manifest their europhobia, which from within question the EU, its values ​​and institutions, we must also choose whether we want more or less Europe. "

Toni Pérez highlighted the brilliant career of Emma Navarro, vice president of the European Investment Bank, which he congratulated with the 'Distinción Europa', approved in plenary session at the proposal of the Board of Spokespersons, with which Benidorm recognizes " those people, institutions or groups that, from that Europeanist vocation, have had or have a prominent role in the day-to-day of the EU and its relationship with Benidorm ". "A brilliant professional career," he said, "which is well worth expressing our satisfaction and our pride because, the talent, work and effort of a daughter from Benidorm, also allows us to enjoy a better Europe."

Emma Navarro Aguilera, who was grateful for the distinction received, has a Law Degree, a Master's Degree in Community Law from the San Pablo CEU University and a joint Postgraduate Diploma in Legal and Economic Studies from the EU by the Complutense University of Madrid and the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been president of the ICO, secretary general of the Treasury, adviser of the Bank of Spain, the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) and the National Securities Market Commission. In addition, at an international level, he has represented Spain in the Financial Stability Board (FSB), in the Economic and Financial Committee and in the Eurogroup Working Group. She has also held the position of alternate governor in the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), and has been an alternate member of Spain in the Eurogroup, the Ecofin and the G-20.

In her speech she confessed that she received "this recognition of the city of Benidorm with a feeling of pride and emotion and also with great enthusiasm. Today on this day we celebrate the origin of a great project that was born to ensure peace in a continent that after two world wars had been devastated by a political and economic integration based on three fundamental pillars: concord, prosperity and democracy.

She stressed later that "not only Spain has won with Europe, but also Spain has contributed and contributes a lot to Europe. Our passion and determination, our rich culture and our great history. We are an innovative, constructive and supportive country. A Europeanist country that knows how to be up to the challenges and collaborate with loyalty with our partners in the search for solutions ".

"We are," she said, "the fifth European economy with leading companies in innumerable sectors, brave entrepreneurs well known in this region and this city. We must claim our role without complexes and assume our role in the European construction and in the design of the European future that is our future ".

She concluded by dedicating some emotional words to the city where she was born: "Benidorm, because of its open spirit, is a good example of the mixture of European cultures and values. Benidorm is not only the European capital of tourism, it is a vibrant, modern, open city that welcomes its visitors very well and many who, after discovering it, can not abandon it. A tolerant city where they can coexist languages, cultures and identities. Benidorm in this sense has much to teach other European cities today. Benidorm is my city, it represents the memories of my childhood where my roots are and what I love the most. No matter where I live or where my career has taken me. My house is in Benidorm and it is the place I always come back to, "she concluded.