Procedures in banks for the elderly

Procedures in banks for the elderly.
Procedures in banks for the elderly.

Benidorm City Hall informs:

On the occasion of the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain, due to the expansion of the coronavirus (COVID-19), various banking entities have contacted the City Council to convey to the general population the implementation of a series of initiatives tending to avoid, as far as possible, the displacement of our elders for face-to-face care before the next pension collection, scheduled for this last week of March.

In this sense, banks recommend their clients to carry out procedures through online channels and avoid unnecessary visits to branches.

However, we are aware that many older people do not use the online banking service and often go to offices to withdraw money from the pension, which is totally inadvisable in the current state of alarm.

Faced with this reality, we all have to contribute: it is NOT necessary for our older family members to go to the bank.

Let's make the arrangements they need from the family environment.

Let us remind our elders that it is not necessary to go to the branches and, in case they need to withdraw money, make the refund from the ATM.

In any case, it is recommended that family members move around and carry out operations through ATMs.

In situations like the current one, it is everyone's obligation to contribute to protecting the whole of society, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable population, helping to comply with the recommendations of the authorities regarding mobility and health, and promoting the application of measures avoiding transits and waiting lines at bank offices or other establishments.