The mayor encourages to follow La Vuelta’19 with the start of the 2nd Stage, from Benidorm on Sunday, August 25

Toni Pérez also demands citizenship collaboration to facilitate the development of the sporting event that reaches 190 countries
The mayor encourages to follow La Vuelta’19 with the start of the 2nd Stage, from Benidorm on Sunday, August 25.
The mayor encourages to follow La Vuelta’19 with the start of the 2nd Stage, from Benidorm on Sunday, August 25.
The Advertising Caravan will leave at 10.30 am and 176 runners, of the 22 teams registered, at 12.00h., in neutralized departure, travelling 10.5 kilometers through the streets of Benidorm until the exit towards CV 70

Benidorm hosts this Sunday the departure of the 2nd Stage of La Vuelta 2019 and the Mayor Toni Pérez has encouraged residents and visitors to join the sports party that involves this top-level competition that once again meets in our city.

From Saturday in Mercasa area, the planned device will be deployed that includes the Departure, Commercial, Promotional, Signature Control and Equipment Parking areas that will form, from the early morning of Sunday 25, the nerve center of the device until the start of the stage, scheduled at 12.00.

The departure Arch is located on Liberty Avenue, immediately to a recreational space open to the public that will operate from 09.00 hours with children's attractions and entertainment until the start of the stage.

Toni Pérez has encouraged citizens, residents and visitors, "to flood the streets welcoming the corridors" and, at the same time, called for "citizen collaboration to give the best image of the city: an open city that has in sport - and cycling in particular - a special ally ”. The mayor announced that in the coming days the mobility device and traffic conditions of the area will be communicated in detail, announced that the Advertising Caravan of La Vuelta, “the great dynamic element of the stage will start from Foietes at 10.30 am, making the neutralized travel ”.

This neutralized route of 10.5 kilometers, which will be carried out by the 176 runners of the 22 registered teams, will begin on La Libertad Avenue and will run along Goya Street and of Beniardá, Jaime I, Armada Española, Vicente García Alós, Montbenidorm, Villajoyosa, Murtal, Juan Pablo II and Mayor Eduardo Zaplana Avenues to the road CV 70, towards La Nucía, where the exit launched at kilometer 47,600 will take place.

Vials affected by the circuit will be reopened to traffic after the cyclits pass practically, while the disassembly work in Mercasa area will last several hours.

The mayor said that "the lap capsule moves around 3,000 people among athletes, teams, organizers, sponsors, assists and security that mean more than 2,500 direct overnight stays in the city." The local device is made up of 60 agents of the Local Police and 20 members of Civil Protection that join 80 agents of the National Police and the operation of 140 agents of the Civil Guard.

For this edition, 327 Media have been accredited with a total of 1,444 journalists and photographers, of 29 nationalities. The most numerous media are Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, German, North American and Colombian.

The Tour is followed in 190 countries and the daily average of spectators in Spain is 1.5 million, with audience peaks of up to 2 million. Similar amounts in other European countries, highlighting Denmark and the Netherlands where they exceed these figures; in Belgium La Vuelta reaches 50% share.

Given this aspect Toni Pérez said that "there is no sport event more powerful than this that affects European countries where Benidorm has a maximum promotional interest."

Spanish TVE will begin the live broadcast at 3.45 pm on Sunday, at the conclusion of the news, and will begin with remix images of the exit that will star Benidorm and its neutralized route of 10.5 kilometers.