A hundred actors will represent 'The Passion of Christ' in San Francisco de Asís church

The priest Jesús Rosillo will read tomorrow the Proclamation of Holy Week in La Almudena church
A hundred actors will represent 'The Passion of Christ' in San Francisco de Asís church.
A hundred actors will represent 'The Passion of Christ' in San Francisco de Asís church.

The celebration of the Holy Week in Benidorm will incorporate this year the representation of 'The Passion of Christ', in charge of the Cultural Group Jerusalem of Elche, a work declared of Tourist Interest. This has been announced today by the councilor of Fiestas, Jesús Carrobles, accompanied by the representative of the theater group, Antonio Coll, and the Elder Brother of the Brotherhood of Christ of Forgiveness and Good Death, Jesús Rosillo Jiménez, who also holds this year the presidency of the Board of Brotherhoods of the Holy Week in Benidorm.

Carrobles recalled that it had been more than a decade that passion was not represented in the city and that, for the occasion, it has a cast of "more than 100 actors" to perform, in front of the 600 people that fit into the Church of San Francisco de Asis, a "unique work" to which "all people from Benidorm and the people who spend Holy Week among us are invited".

Although the acts of Holy Week began days ago with talks and the presentation on March 8 of the official poster, a work by the local artist José Albero, tomorrow Friday, in the parish of La Almudena, will take place the reading of announcement , by the priest, Jesús Rosillo Peñalver, beginning of the celebrations in Benidorm.

Main events of the Holy Week in Benidorm

Friday April 12. 9:00 p.m. Proclamation of Holy Week. Church of La Almudena.

Saturday, April 13. 9:00 p.m. Representation of 'The Passion of Christ'. Parish of San Francisco de Asís.

Sunday, April 14 Palm Sunday. 11.00 hours, procession of the palm in Sant Jaume and Santa Anna and La Almudena; 11.30, at Nuestra Señora del Carmen and San Francisco de Asís .; 11:45, Nuestra Señora del Mar; 12.00, at El Buen Pastor and San Juan Bautista. 20.00 hours, procession of the Royal Brotherhood of Our Lady of Hope and Peace and Our Father Jesus of Health and Humility, in the parish of El Buen Pastor

Wednesday, April 17. 10:00 pm, procession of the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, in Sant Jaume and Santa Anna.

Thursday, April 18. 9.00 pm, procession of the Sacramental Brotherhood of the Holy Supper and the Confraternity of the Christ of the Forgiveness and the Good Dead, in La Almudena.

 Friday, April 19. 20.30, procession of the Brotherhood of the Prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Parish of San Juan Bautista.

Sunday of Resurrection, April 21. 08.00 hours, procession of the Meeting and the Embassy, ​​Sant Jaume and Santa Anna.

You can access more information visiting the Citizen Portal: https://benidorm.org/en/ayuntamiento/concejalias/fiestas/semana-santa-2017