Benidorm improves accessibility and road security in four points of La Cala

The councilors of Citizen Participation and Public Space inform residents of these actions, included in a 1.7 million project that will reach all neighborhoods
Benidorm improves accessibility and road security in four points of La Cala.
Benidorm improves accessibility and road security in four points of La Cala.

El Ayuntamiento de Benidorm va a mejorar la accesibilidad y la seguridad vial en cuatro puntos del barrio de La Cala: las calles Ermita y Calpe, el pasaje que une la avenida Villajoyosa con la calle Langreo, y la senda peatonal entre las avenidas Marina Alta y Baixa. Coincidiendo con que la campaña ‘A pie de calle’, promovida desde el Consejo Vecinal, se ha desplazado hoy a La Cala, los concejales de Participación Ciudadana y Espacio Público, Ana Pellicer y José Ramón González de Zárate, han informado a representantes de las asociaciones de vecinos de La Cala sobre el alcance y detalles de estas actuaciones.

De Zárate ha indicado que “en los últimos cuatro años, la mejora de los barrios de Benidorm ha sido una constante en la acción del Ayuntamiento, especialmente en todo lo relacionado con la accesibilidad, la escena urbana y la seguridad vial, que es justamente en lo que vamos a incidir en este caso con las actuaciones propuestas”, que forman parte del proyecto de ‘Mejora de la Seguridad Vial y Accesibilidad 2020’, valorado en 1,7 millones de euros y con el que vamos a llegar a todos los barrios de la ciudad”.

This contract is in the bidding phase and is expected to be awarded in the second half of November, so the works would be underway in December. The execution period of the works is one month, so "all the actions included in the project will be completed by the end of the year."

The Councilor for Citizen Participation has detailed that “within this project, in La Cala neighborhood, we will proceed to pave Ermita Street, whose road is quite deteriorated and which is the access road to our Tossal de La Cala, recently put in value and where we continue to act; and the passage that connects Langreo street with Villajoyosa avenue at the height of the Morales Tower, the other Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) that we have in La Cala will also be asphalted ”.

It is also planned to pave the path "opened by the pedestrian traffic itself between the avenues Marina Alta and Marina Baixa to settle the surface layer and make this section accessible". Finally, on Calpe avenue "we are going to act on the left sidewalk in an upward direction, to leave it with the same parameters and aesthetics as the right, expanding the size of the sidewalk and renewing the lighting.

Pellicer has stressed that, in addition to transferring the details of the actions planned in the neighborhood, today's meeting "has once again served to receive the requests that the neighbors send us, who are those who best know the needs of their neighborhoods" . In the specific case of La Cala, these requests have focused on “street furniture and cleaning” and “some of them are already being carried out”.

Apart from the ordinary requests, De Zárate and Pellicer have asked the residents of La Cala to send a proposal for asphalting, accessibility or improvement of road safety to be carried out in their neighborhood to take them into account in order to determine the actions' extra 'to be carried out under "the improvements" that the City Council hopes to obtain in the tender for the' Road Safety and Accessibility 2020 'project. A request that will be extended to the rest of the neighborhoods that will be visited in the coming weeks within the campaign "At the foot of the street."

The councilor for Citizen Participation has announced that the appointment for next Thursday, October 29, will be in La Huerta and will begin at 11.00. The meeting point will be at the intersection known as l’Estanquet, at the confluence of Comunidad Valenciana and Severo Ochoa avenues. Pellicer has invited the residents of the area to join this meeting, in which representatives of the Neighborhood Council will also participate, in order to "send us their requests to improve the area."