Barri del Campo

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This quarter was the place where families engaged in fishing settled until de urban development in the 60 years. It is situated on certain elevation (San Pedro street, and Pescadores street), and towards the south of the town in front of the sea.

Despite the widespread notion that Benidorm was a “fishing village“, it must be clarified that fishing was not an economic activity of such importance, perhaps because Benidorm did not have a natural harbour.

On the contrary, la almadraba, a kind of fishing technique, was highly appreciated. There are documents about this art of fishing from the XVI century, and about other activities related to the sea like smuggling, its repression,  and professional and military marine.

Possible the name of this quarter, El Campo, comes from the word campo santo, because near here it was the ancient cemetery of the city, the Virgin of Sofratge.

In these photographs we can see the development of Benidorm. The oldest image dates from the early XX century.