Noticias Benidorm Fondos Feder

The municipal website includes a portal of FEDER Funds in which it will report on co-financed actions by the EU.

The municipal website has incorporated a portal on FEDER Funds to disseminate and transfer...

12 Apr 2019
The works of the 'Cyclist Ring' arrive at Bernat de Sarrià and shortly to Europa avenue.

The works of execution of the 'Cyclist Ring' of Levant have already reached Almirall Bernat de Sarrià...

1 Apr 2019
Benidorm finalizes the first lines of action of EDUSI for authorization by the Ministry.

The City Council of Benidorm is finalizing the first lines of action of the Sustainable Urban Development and...

7 Feb 2019
Benidorm sends to Conselleria the project of excavation and musealization of the Castell.

The Department of Historical Heritage directed by Ana Pellicer will send the Ministry of Culture the project of...

4 Dec 2018
The Government of Spain confirms the 10 million grant for EDUSI of Benidorm.

The Directorate General of European Funds of the Government of Spain has confirmed the grant of 10 million euros...

10 Sep 2018
Benidorm manages more than 700,000 euros of European funds to recover and muse El Castell and El Tossal.

Benidorm City Council has managed more than 700,000 euros from European funds to recover, put value and musealize...

10 Jul 2018