The Government of Spain confirms the 10 million grant for EDUSI of Benidorm

In these four months, the first project that could be co-financed with these European Funds has also been approved
The Government of Spain confirms the 10 million grant for EDUSI of Benidorm.
The Government of Spain confirms the 10 million grant for EDUSI of Benidorm.

The allegations of other municipalities do not affect grant for the city, which has already drafted the Procedural Manual that marks how to develop all projects

The Directorate General of European Funds of the Government of Spain has confirmed the grant of 10 million euros granted to the City of Benidorm for its Strategy for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development (EDUSI). The mayor, Toni Pérez, reported today that, following the process of allegations, last Tuesday the Directorate General of European Funds made definitive the provisional resolution of the third EDUSI call; a provisional resolution that was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on May 7 and that gave Benidorm those 10 million euros.

Pérez pointed out that this process of allegations has not affected the subsidy granted to the city, and added that "this morning I signed the decree of acceptance of the aid of 10 million euros for the development of EDUSI , for referral to the Directorate General of European Funds. " p>

The mayor has indicated that "in the four months that have elapsed from the provisional to the final resolution, our City Council has continued taking administrative and planning steps linked to EDUSI." Thus, "the Manual of Procedures has already been drafted, in which it establishes what must be done to develop EDUSI and carry out all the projects included in it". This Manual also sets out the different bodies that intervene in the selection, control, approval and execution of each action, as well as its members.

But, in addition, "we are already working on the next step, which is the drafting of a specific Communication Plan for EDUSI, as required by the program." Hence, it has affected that "the process of allegations has not suspended the EDUSI project in Benidorm." "We have continued to work -it has deepened- not only administratively and logistically, but also in the actions included in the document because we firmly believe that EDUSI is the guide of where Benidorm wants to go: to evolve towards a more accessible, more sustainable city , greener, more inclusive, and in which residents and those who visit us have a greater and better quality of life ".

The mayor has set as a "clear example" of the work that has been done to advance the actions included in EDUSI the approval in early August "of the Els Ametlers-Els Tolls Park project, phase 2018". At this point, he recalled that this project "is part of the actions proposed by the Neighborhood Council within Participatory Budgeting, and is also within the area of implementation of EDUSI." For that reason, "we are going to work so that part of its financing is charged to those European Funds that the city has received".

Pérez thanked his involvement to all those who "worked on the document, to all who wanted to participate in it, make it their own and offer it to all Benidorm". Specifically, it has referred "to those who with their vote made the project and their actions viable" and also "especially to the Neighborhood Council and its neighborhood associations, the technical staff of the City Council, and those companies, institutions and local groups that saw in EDUSI Benidorm a clear city project ".

But, in addition, he has affirmed that "the effort and good work that has pivoted and pivots on the citizen participation" also "has been perceived from outside", which is endorsed in the fact that Benidorm welcomes "the next day" October 15 the celebration of the 'VIII Plenary of the Network of Urban Initiatives (RIU)' ". This Network is integrated by more than 150 city councils, mostly beneficiaries of the EDUSI Plan in its three calls.

EDUSI Benidorm Project strong> p>

The project presented by Benidorm includes measures valued at 34 million euros to be implemented until 2023, and at the time received the placet of all the Ministries involved and the Generalitat Valenciana. The measures are focused on increasing the quality of life of citizens and revolve around improving quality and access to information technologies (ICT), reducing CO2 emissions, protecting the environment and efficiency in the use of resources, as well as the fight against inequality and poverty through inclusion policies. p>

All actions focus on a large area. Specifically, the scope of action is the axis Beniardá-Jaime I, which encompasses the upper part of the Colonia Madrid, as well as the area of ​​Els Tolls neighborhood closest to the bullring, and the environment of Jaime I with special incidence in the sphere of influence of Alfredo Corral. This area is completed with a peri-urban area that encompasses all the natural environments of the ravines, the entire area parallel to the TRAM line, the existing parks and also two large green areas: El Moralet and the surroundings of the future park of the Séquia Mare. p>