Seguridad Ciudadana

The Local Police will control with the drone that the confinement is fulfilled in rural areas and urbanizations.

Benidorm Local Police will carry out drone flights in rural and residential areas in Benidorm to check that it is als

25 Mar 2020
The mayor meets the new provincial chief commissioner of the National Police.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, met today with the new provincial chief commissioner of the National Police Corps,

6 Mar 2020
Down 12% complaints by foreign citizens in Benidorm.

The number of complaints filed in the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (SATE) decreased by 12% in 2019 compared to

3 Mar 2020
 Local Police of Benidorm tests Ícaro, a crisis simulation software in virtual environments.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 176th anniversary of the constitution of the Local Police of Benidorm, the

3 Mar 2020
Police from all over Spain and Europe participate in Benidorm in a day of dog units.

More than 150 police officers from Spain and Europe participate from today and until next Friday in Benidorm in the 1

26 Feb 2020
Benidorm presents in Dinapsis its new Municipal Emergency Plan.

Benidorm City Council has presented today the update of the Municipal Territorial Emergency Plan, which has been prep

18 Feb 2020