Solicitud permiso de rodaje General

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Title and type of production
Production Company
Associate Producer

The person who signe this application form, particulary or representing de production company, agrees to indemnify the property owner for damages and injuries that may occur, being the only one responsible in case of any demand, process or judgment for personal damages or to the owner which incurs them or can stem from the exercising of the activities of the petitioner, its workers or others. Municipal ordinances will be respected during all filming and photo sessions, keeping in mind, moreover, the special protection of historical buildings, parks and gardens.
Benidorm Town Hall and Benidorm Film Office must appear in the production credits. Similarly notification will be made of the premiere/distribution date and a copy of the production along with 5 film photos will be delivered for the archives. Signing this request carries the express acceptance of the code of conduct for filming provided by the office.