The municipal corporation of Benidorm has celebrated today its last ordinary plenary session of the 2015-2019 legisla

3 Jun 2019

The mayor of Benidorm in office, Toni Pérez received this morning in Alcaldía the director of the International Colle

30 May 2019

Benidorm City Council today has opened Séquia Mare Park, more than 62,000 square meters located next to the Valencian

23 May 2019

One more year, Benidorm says goodbye to the month of May with the 'Pink Weekend', an LGBT event open to the public in

23 May 2019

The Assembly Hall of Benidorm City Council has been the scene today, day of Santa Rita de Casia, the act with which t

23 May 2019

The local government of Benidorm will raise to the next full session the proposal to give the Valencian Tourism Agenc

21 May 2019