Benidorm shows its support for the Security Forces and Bodies and condemns the violent acts in support of Pablo Hasél

Tomorrow the plenary votes a proposal from the Board of Spokespersons motivated by the riots carried out in recent days by radical groups
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Benidorm Municipal Corporation will vote tomorrow in plenary session on a motion by the Board of Spokespersons to express the support of the City Council "to the Security Forces and Bodies in their work to defend and protect the rights and freedom of citizens" , and which "condemns violent acts" such as those experienced in recent days "within the protests called by the radical left" against "the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél."

The motion, signed by Mayor Toni Pérez, states that "the legitimate right to demonstrate and the defense of freedom of expression cannot be confused with the use of violence by radical organized groups"; and, therefore, it condemns "all acts of vandalism, regardless of the ideology in which they are based".

In the same way, the motion censors "any type of action or statement that justifies, protects or undervalues ​​such acts, consequently rejecting all undemocratic conduct that threatens coexistence in peace and freedom and tries to undermine the foundations of our democracy."

The text emphasizes that "it is the duty and obligation of all democratic parties to reject and categorically condemn any behavior of a violent nature as well as any justifying action thereof", and qualifies as "inappropriate" statements such as those of some members of Unidos Podemos political party or of the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, "questioning the actions of the Security Forces and Bodies".

The motion highlights that "the men and women who make up these Corps are committed to the security of Spain and Spaniards" and "dedicate their lives to safeguarding the coexistence, security and tranquility of citizens." That is why, he adds, that they deserve "the affection, admiration and respect of the whole of Spanish society", being "unfair and intolerable" that they are treated as 'social stressors' when they are "public servants who comply with the responsibility to guarantee security, freedom and the free exercise of our rights ”.

Once the agreement is approved, it will be transferred to the Generalitat Valenciana, the parliamentary groups of the Valencian Courts, the Congress and the Senate, as well as the Alicante Provincial Council.