Benidorm is positioned in Fitur as a film destination for producers and tourists

Film Office premieres at the fair an interactive catalog to inspire the tourist of this segment and capture new shoots
Benidorm is positioned in Fitur as a film destination for producers and tourists.
Benidorm is positioned in Fitur as a film destination for producers and tourists.

Benidorm is positioned these days at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur) as a film destination for both producers and tourists. Thus, the city is present in Fitur Cine, a space located in pavilion 2 of IFEMA and which opens in this edition thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Spain Film Commission, of which Benidorm is part. Specifically, Benidorm Film Office participates in the 'stand' of the Valencian Community along with the Costa Blanca Film Commission, Valencia Film Office and Valencia Film.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, has explained today in a press conference that "as evidenced by the figures that Benidorm Film Office has been collecting during its almost five years of activity, the filming and other audiovisual productions have a direct economic impact on the city ​​and they are an exceptional vehicle of promotion, for that reason we will continue working to strengthen even more Benidorm as a set. " "But in addition, this bet opens the possibility of opting for a new segment of the booming market: that of film tourism, which is practiced by those travelers interested in knowing the locations of their favorite films or series."

Coinciding with Fitur, an interactive catalog has been presented that responds to "the need to have an attractive material" in tune with "great impact" that is having the city as a set, as indicated by the head of Benidorm Film Office, Rosa Llorca. A catalog that serves "not only for the professional of the audiovisual sector, but also to inspire the visitor who finds in the 'screen tourism' or cinematographic tourism a new product with which to discover the most attractive Benidorm, through the recorded productions or photographed in the city.

In the elaboration of the catalog, which will be "a working tool for Film Office and for Visit Benidorm", it has been worked together with Makinacción cooperative based on a grant from the Provincial Council of Alicante. Llorca has detailed that the catalog has a selected photography and visual material and information on climate, gastronomy, hotel offer and "all the products that differentiate us from the rest of film offices".

In addition, "for the first time we have done a mapping so that both producers and visitors who may be interested in the film and tourism product know the locations of some of the productions made in the city." Initially five video clips, five series and five ads "

Likewise, the catalog of "Film Friendly Club" has been included in the catalog, which "arises from the need to have private spaces to offer the producers, in addition to the usual accommodation and catering services", explained Carola Valls, Marketing and Promotion technician of Visit Benidorm. Specifically, a platform has been developed where each 'partner' offers its services and spaces, with photographs, and what is more important, a contact person to be able to respond quickly to the needs of any audiovisual production.

Five years of Film Office activity

During the press conference, the mayor referred to "the exponential growth" of audiovisual productions that carry the 'Benidorm label' since the launch of the Film Office. Thus, "of the first 47 productions made throughout 2014, it has reached 132 in 2018, which represents an increase of 180%."

Pérez has influenced the "extraordinary return" generated by these productions, which "in these five years have left in the city more than 10 million euros of economic impact, more than 39,000 euros of revenue for fees in the municipal coffers, and more of 30,000 overnight stays. "

In 2018, a total of 175 applications have been attended, of which 132 have been completed, 75%. Of these, 26% have been jointly managed with Visit Benidorm, highlighting "the management of the arrival of the TV series 'Fugitive', which has given us an extraordinary visibility" since "the city became a more Of the plot". "To the excellent impacts in terms of audiences and social networks during the broadcast weeks," he said, "we add those that are being achieved through its dissemination on the Netflix platform, which opens an important window to the international market."

The mayor also referred to the award of 2017 Tourism Prize, which "recognizes us as a pioneer city in pampering this film and tourism product"; and he added that Spain continues to be the majority, followed by the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia and India.