The Councillor for Tourism, Gema Amor, has been with Soraya in the press conference that has put an end to a shoot th

20 Mar 2013

Benidorm is preparing for the first major tourism campaign of the year, Easter.

15 Mar 2013

The initiative has been presented by the mayor of Tourism, Gema Amor, who was accompanied by the manager of the Found

4 Mar 2013

In the presentation of the Spoon Days have been the mayor, Agustín Navarro, the first Deputy Mayor and Councillor for

27 Feb 2013

The promoter of these two CDs is the local businessman Emilio Cano, director of Costa Blanca Tour Services, who thank

20 Feb 2013

Una iniciativa que busca posicionar la marca Benidorm entre los usuarios del Metro de Madrid, puesto que esta red de

13 Feb 2013