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Satisfaction at City Hall for the favorable evolution of the four infected with Legionella

"Fortunately they have told us that the 4 infected people are progressing favorably and 10 suspected cases that were

11 Mar 2015
The Government of Benidorm urges Fabra  "not to be afraid to step on the city"

"We are friendly people, who welcome people who visit us", he stated.

2 Mar 2015

The amount of the fee for the year 2015 is 518,666.76 euros.

2 Mar 2015
Hernandez describes as an 'insult' to the concillor's visit to Benidorm

"The councilor disrespected us as a city, speaking of several projects that are paralyzed without funds for years for

25 Feb 2015
Hernández: "Budgets of 2015 marks the beginning of a new stage in Benidorm"

"The 18 years of government of the Popular party left a debt in banks and suppliers of 148 million euros, which force

14 Feb 2015

Hernández recalled that "we have the second stoppage of works that were to be paid with funds which belonged to Benid

9 Feb 2015