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"The City Council has done its homework, but the start of construction depends on the department headed by the deputy

5 May 2015

Hernández referred to three works "of great importance to the city" which should have begun, but are paralyzed "by th

6 Apr 2015
Hernandez receives a group of neighbors from Quart de Poblet at the City Hall

The delegation from Quart de Poblet was composed of the councillor of Social Welfare, Mari Cruz Abellán, and the coun

26 Mar 2015
Patchwork Association presents the work of a year at the headquarters of the ACR Barqueta

The exhibition includes over 50 works of great size with different techniques developed by the 30 women who make up t

26 Mar 2015

Hernández recalled the notable absences of the current president of the Generalitat in Benidorm such as the opening o

13 Mar 2015

Hernández clarified that Fernández deserves all our respect" but "is a person from here that is always here." The cou

11 Mar 2015