Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural

Benidorm leaves visible the most representative archaeological remains of the castle.

The most important archaeological remains found in the Castell, which show the two constructive moments of the fortre

7 Oct 2019
Over 700 visits to archaeological performances in Benidorm Castle.

The Department of Historical Heritage scheduled visits to the archaeological prospectings that are being developed at

30 Aug 2019
The Library Network of Benidorm doubles the average daily visits of the national group.

The Network of Libraries of Benidorm, which make up the Central Library, Rincón de Loix Library and Biblioplayas (1 i

28 Aug 2019
Yesterday, the visits to the archaeological performances in the Castell began.

Excellent response of citizens and cultural groups to the campaign of the Department of Historical Heritage to organi

26 Aug 2019
'Good night Benidorm, good night Spain' of Benidorm Song Festival is heard again 60 years later.

The exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of the Song of Benidorm yesterday opened its doors in an act

15 Jul 2019
Toni Pérez lights the neon sign.

The main door of Boca del Calvari Museum has been lit since last night by a neon sign that announces the commemorativ

11 Jul 2019