Movilidad y Tráfico

Mobility informs of traffic restrictions due to the departure of the second stage of La Vuelta 2019 on Sunday.

The Department of Mobility has reported on the traffic restrictions that will be in certain points of Benidorm during

23 Aug 2019
Mobility projects a new park-and-ride parking space with capacity for 800 vehicles and increases these parking spaces to more than 5,750.

The Department of Mobility has projected a new free parking lot with a capacity for around 800 vehicles and that will

21 Aug 2019
Juan Fuster Zaragoza Avenue gains 70 parking spaces for residents and 70 for motorcycles.

Juan Fuster Zaragoza Avenue counts from today with a single lane of circulation and happens to be of unique direction

19 Jul 2019
The new traffic light at the crossings of Comunidad Valenciana Avenue are operational.

The three new traffic lights installed in Comunidad Valenciana Avenue are already operational.

18 Jul 2019
The 'Resident Zone' is extended in Rincón de Loix with 35 parking spaces in Berlin Street.

Rincón de Loix counts from today with 35 new parking spaces for people registered in Benidorm exclusively when extend

16 Jul 2019
José Ramón González de Zárate, councillor of Mobility.

Benidorm City Council will reorder next week the configuration and traffic of Juan Fuster Zaragoza avenue taking adva

11 Jul 2019