Innovación y Calidad

"It's not a coincidence that my first activity as a councillor for New Technologies has to do with the incorporation

1 Jul 2015

The conference will be given by José Francisco Gómez Gosálbez, specialist in new technologies, and will take place at

13 May 2015

Navarro made these statements after receiving the general director of Industry, Joaquín Rios, the CEO of Tourism, Seb

16 Apr 2015

The New Technologies councilman Rubén Martínez said that "the cooperation among administrations and sharing experienc

23 Mar 2015

The ceremony started this morning with the conference '¿Tens una idea?

2 Feb 2015

The New Technologies councilman, Rubén Martínez, said that with the implementation of this service, "we anticipate th

11 Dec 2014